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Your Philippines Presidential Choice, My Choice.

Written By: Rex Solano - May• 04•16

On Monday, May 9, 2016, millions of Filipino register voters will go to the poll and cast their votes to choose the president who will lead them out from the asperity of poverty and away from the venal of living a miserable life. It’s not an easy task to make a personal choice of a preferred candidate, but with a clear conscience and firm convictions, the future of the Philippines is in your hands.

Five qualified candidates are vying for a presidential seat. Among them are Grace Poe, Mariam Defensor Santiago, Mar Roxas, Jejomar Binay and Rodrigo Duterte. Anyone of them can lead the nation. However, that is not the criteria why you choose the right and good leader who will take you all to the promise land of great tomorrow. To be a good, conscientious voter, one has to ask among those candidates, if ever you can find it in their heart, a penchant devotion to love, care, and compassion for the people. A presidential candidate who has the vision to make the necessary changes to uplift the impoverished condition of the poor and the sincerity of their campaign promises that will ultimately gravitate the tenet lives of its inhabitants. Constituents likewise have to analyze, evaluate and find out for themselves the priorities of these candidates in their quest to becoming a great leader of their country. By enhancing the lives of their people to be free from all the burdens and hardship that insufferably makes life so rough, tough and challenging. By rights as we all know that by making all those promises are not enough. All politicians are gifted with that kind of rhetorical talents. What we like to hear from the presidential candidates is how to solve the impoverished living conditions of their people. By providing jobs to the unemployed so that a breadwinner will be able to put food on the table. That the presidential candidates will strictly enforce the fundamental human rights of its citizens whether they belong to a lower class, middle class, and upper-class families. The candidates must have the vision to protect the environment, and climate change is a must on their campaign program. During calamities, as it was proven, the Philippines were wreak havoc and inundated with massive flooding. The reasons as Anton Chekhov opine through his observation, that ” Forest keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life’s become extinct, the climate’s ruined, and the land grows poorer and uglier every day.” All presidential candidates must focus and centralized their platform strictly on the beliefs the important of the climate change to the global world. All presidential candidates must be truthful to the words being promised during the campaigns; by eradicating criminals spreading terrors, exterminating all corrupt officials that had caused the rising of poverty and the lacked of the job driving all newly graduates seeking employment elsewhere, will hinge largely on the president you will soon elect.

Words are so sweet to hear. All those promises that will enlighten and enliven the lives of their countrymen are nothing but just fancy words persuading the electorates to vote for them. Many times voters were fools and deceived by the sweet talking politicians, but despite, did the people ever learn their lessons? The problem with the Filipino voters is the facts they have no consciences to follow their own. So easily to get swayed and just become followers of whom they like. Study and evaluate their campaign programs, their platform and agenda. As I said, they are all qualified leaders. We have come across so many brilliant presidential candidates whom we trusted to lead the nation, but none of them had emerged as a problem solver to hear the cries and woes of its people. To be a smart, knowledgeable and brilliant presidential candidate, one also has to possess the character of being a sincere and honest leader. I knew for sure this is what the Filipino electorates are having in mind, to entrust their future in the hand of those they choose to elect.

I am writing this blog to impress upon all readers that the best presidential candidate who will run the country and suited to be a good leader is Grace Poe. I have a lot of friends and relatives living in the Philippines. Even though I live in Hawaii, it constraints on me that feeling of pain and sorrow, whenever I heard their agonizing cries of the murmuring whines of the hearts and the hardship of continuously living in a country full of promises. Is this what the Filipino people like to happen in this year presidential election? Please vote wisely and smartly. Don’t let that emotion gets the best of you.

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