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A Year Of Silence

Written By: Rex Solano - Dec• 31•16

As we await the advent of 2017, there are lots of flashback memories to reminisce for or even to assuage ourselves if the year 2016 had been fruitful, prosperous and joyous to give us that ultimate hopes and optimism for the coming year. Almost every year we tend to prepare for the coming of the New Year. Everyone always conveys their greetings of a very Happy New year to family, relatives, and friends after the stroke of midnight, as well-wishers extend congratulations by shaking hands, embraces, hugs, and kisses. Traditionally, we have been doing this every year, but please allow me to ask? Have you been happier for all those past years or are we contented with the way we lead our lives? I come with some incongruous conclusion that most of us do not feel the same ways like others. I for one have that burden heavily carried in my heart, the pain so unbearable to endure, the fake smiles and those hypocritical feelings to be happy when deep inside I am not, and the constant affliction of sadness to pray always to God that He may grace my mom the ultimate joys in life and to withstand the physical sacrifice that a son can ask. My mom who has been bed-ridden due to stroke going to almost three years now has never given me all the reasons to be in a celebratory mood. It would be unfair on my part, to say the least, that someone will wish me a happy and prosperous new year and the reciprocation I accorded to them is not sincere. It is better to shy away from all those fun, laughter, and let my moment of silence be in constant interaction with God’s guidance through prayers.

But how do we actually define the coming of the year 2017? We can be happy in all our undertakings in life and where it lead us to, but when we sauntered our thoughts what is happening throughout the world, we have that notion in mind that we cannot gain love, peace, and freedom if terrorists keep on spreading fears and violence to humanities. To be happy on New Year Eve and beyond is but a temporal cure of our own happiness. There is another thing that we are confronted with, and that is beyond the power of our means. When we wish someone a Happy New Year, make it so sure, he enjoys the happiness according to how you have conveyed it to him. Conveyance of the greetings and messages has to be sincere.

Verily I will say this that some people are so fortunate. When they have that blissfulness, life is but a smooth sailing like a ship navigating in a calmer sea.

In another light, there are people that are less fortunate than you. They may have lost someone close or is confined at home or the hospital this year. Keep them in your prayers that next year will be a good year for those afflicted. Or better yet, visit them wherever they may be and it will surely put a smile upon their face to see familiar sights that people normally are too busy during the year with the hustle of their busy lives. Take the time to reach out to those that are unable to reach out due to circumstances beyond their control. Remember those that have passed away. Their spirits have surely watched over you all year during times of duress. This last day of the year would be a good time to pay homage, and to kindred spirits, may they rest in peace.

May the next year be blessed for all your families with good fortune, prosperity, successful ideals, health, and welfare?

From the family: Rex, Hyla, Troy, Quincy and Jessica wishing you all a very “Happy and Prosperous New Year “for the year 2017.

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