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Will The Death Penalty Help Deter Crimes?

Written By: Rex Solano - Jan• 05•15

Anytime a heinous crime is committed, immediately we surmised the thoughts of imposing a stiffer penalty to put a stop to all these rampaging criminal activities happening in our country. Advocate supporters will openly voice their opinions that it is time to bring back the death penalty in order to instill and spread fears to evil-minded criminals, especially those who are dealing with drugs and those who have no regards of the judicial system. And so the question is, should we bring back the death penalty and if it does, will the death penalty really help deter crimes?

One of the proponents of bringing back the death penalty law is Philippine Senator Vicente ” Tito” Sotto. He filed a bill for the return of the death penalty that which specifically single out only big time drug trafficking in the country. As of this writing, the bill is still pending before the Committee on Constitution Amendments. Whether it will be passed or not, I am having a reservation about this death penalty bill for one reason, once inmates are put to death, they are taught precisely nothing because they are no longer alive to learn from it Depriving inmates of any second chance renders to them, like to feel remorse and ask forgiveness, will cognitively hampers the act of attrition, thus making it impossible to rehabilitate and reform these criminals given our theoretical analysis that due to circumstantial desperation acts have forced these notorious criminals to lead an evil and sinful life. True, someone will ask, what about the victims? When will a fair justice accorded to them and when will their emotional pain ever end? We all know that we are living in a cruel world with different perspective and aspect of how we deal our lives. I know that it is without question, one of the most delicate and sensitive issue that will profoundly gravitate the social surroundings and pragmatically change the tenets’ lives of the Filipino people. The invariable reasoning of so many people, along with the grave concern and the caring of human rights by Senator Sotto about the lives of innocent victims, has been personified and compromised with discord. It also has roils and divides the sentiments, views and opinions to those who believed that the enactment of the death penalty into law will surely be met with opposition.

I personally admit that I am a proponent of pro-life and an anti-abortionist because I believe that all living human beings equally being created under the imaged of God have every reason to socially perform their rights to live on earth that God had built for us. We cannot be too judgmental based solely on our own emotions, the impetus of being mad and then insuperably keeps that hatred in our heart merely because of the rampant killings prevalently happening in our society today. For myself, I would like to see all the criminal activities be stopped and punished the culprits who brings alarming furor of fears to the people’s lives, but not at the expense of restoring or resuscitating the death penalty, at a cost of someone giving up his life. Granting that the death penalty will become a law, do we think that it will deter and lessen the criminal activities in our society?

I once read the blog of David M. Spotts and he said that “it is a shame that in our great nation we still reduce ourselves to the eye for eye technique of retribution.” It is a strong message to all proponents of death penalty that we cannot put the law in our own hands and then in turn be the judge of another’s fate. Ohio base lawyer David Spotts also claims “the fact is that people can make errors, and people are in control of issuing the death penalty.” The world that we all live in is not perfect itself. Even our judicial system is flawed and to arrive at the decision of a guilty verdict, one has first to prove the guilt beyond reasonable doubts that a crime was indeed committed. Our society is separated with the knowledge that only the rich people have the luxuries of battling the justice system. The poor people who cannot afford to hire good lawyers would languish in jail, and this for me is unfair. We had come across some criminal cases where the alleged suspects were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. And worse yet some suspects were even tortured and forced into confessing the crime that they vehemently denied doing it. Is this what the proponent of death penalty is asking to incarcerate innocent victims and face cruel death? We were not given an axiom of proven facts in our judicial system and the principle of ethical standard that if we restore the death penalty, will it give us peace in life and freedom from any threat and peril that our lives are well protected? Sometimes these people who are committing crimes are pressured into acts of desperation and the necessities in life to survive by providing foods to feed their family.

Death penalty is not the solution of why so many killings are taking place in our modern society. It is the lack of jobs, unemployment problems and those Drug Lords trying to enrich themselves posing as a threat to the daily existence of individuals. The epidemic ills of crimes in our society is not determined by the effectiveness of the restoration of death penalty, but the contagion fears and worries of the Filipinos in general as to where the condition of their livelihood will lead them to, in the foreseeable future. If a person is unemployed, it will always be a tremendous burden for the breadwinner to meet all the necessities needed to provide foods for his family. The equilibrium of life just really outweigh the others and rightfully so, because only the extremely poor people are being perceived to be susceptible of committing the heinous crimes. It is with sad regret to note that some of these people are joining the gang syndicates due to impoverish conditions in life and other reasons that only them can comprehend. They have no fear and are not afraid of the stricter law. The circumstantial unfairness and hardship in life have leads these people to engage in nefarious criminal activities. We only hope that history and cultural diversity of life will teach them a lesson to learn and give these so called criminals every reason to be afraid, not by death penalty, but by the Law of God and God’s judgment of the atrocious and monstrous acts these criminal have committed on earth.

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