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Why We Lie And Why We Have To.

Written By: Rex Solano - Oct• 26•15

As one of the Ten Commandments of God, “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” I was so entrenched in the virtuosity of human nature, that to lie and deny the right of the truth has become a spectacle for so many to practice this wayward act of distorting the facts. To tell a lie is a concealment of the truth. It serves as an impediment to the veracity of knowing what one has to learn of the aftermath of the story that ever took place. And so I ask why we lie and why we have to?

Lie, I was told is a condition of life. According to Robert Griffith’s assessment, “to lie is to protect ourselves from unjust condemnation.” We lie because we are afraid to face the consequence and to avert the painful injurious punishment that would be imposed or inflicted upon us. We also lie because we like to beat the truth, a swift escape from guilt, fear and embarrassment. Morbidly, the cruelest one is putting a person in a state of doubt and confusion, wondering if there ever is an end to all the tales being told.

I have never been so comfortable in all my life anytime I told a lie. There is that guilty feeling imperviously castigating and arresting my mind, that to tell a lie would put me in a very unpleasant situation conspicuously diminishing my dignity and reputation thus calling me by my peers as a prevaricator. Obviously I hate that. No one likes to be called a habitual liar. But in the mysterious world of leading our lives with deceits and intolerant human behaviors, lying becomes a triumphant drum that beats the decadence of the truth. Oh yes, we will not have these Benghazi hearing, the tragedy of the 9/11 , or the past Watergate scandals investigations if people are not so fixated, fascinated or even so obsessed to know the truth. But when a lie is arrogantly disguised, boasting to its prideful demeanor by not telling the truth, we are at our mercy of finding the veracity of the truth ourselves. And chances are, we would never know.

I always thought that to lie is not a sin until my mother recited to me the 9th Commandment of God. I was amused and at the same time so fearful of all the lies I had made. Then I asked my Mom again, if I reform myself, repent for all the lies I had done in the past, will God forgive me? Then my mom said, “God will always forgive those whose fervent desires are to follow and obey His Commandments.” Yet despite my mom’s words of encouragement and consoling my thoughts, it has not really given me the efficacy to withstand and resist the vulnerability of my own strength, the proverbial saying “never tell a lie and always be truthful to oneself.” For me it is a hypocrite to admit that we don’t lie. Even a simple subjective fact is still being distorted because for whatever reason, we are just too afraid to tell the truth. We cover our own wrongdoings strictly for one purpose in mind, to keep on lying until the discovery of being a liar had already made a dent of irreparable damage to a man’s character. If a person keeps on telling a lie and then denies it, he will never arrive at the crucial moment of knowing the truth because the truth itself resides in a person himself.

So many lies are being peddled around, coming in different ways and forms. We lie when we apply for jobs with our resume. We lie when we meet an accident on the job, causing a company an enormous amount of money and then deny it, that it’s not your fault. And so what happened to our social world if all of us would just try to suppress the truth? I know for sure it does not cure our healthy minds or even build a moral duty to our own personal character but rather it creates doubts, confusion and distrust. Lying is a habit that we all must learn to cure and heal; relatively, we mold ourselves like a hiker who is bent on trying to climb a steep mountain with an arduous effort and ultimate goal to get to the top. It’s just a commitment and a promise not to lie ever again; because for all we know, truth is a way of life.

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