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The Orlando Tragedy – A Passion Of Hate And Dislike

Written By: Rex Solano - Jun• 15•16

In the aftermath of the gory and bloody massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando where a gunman had randomly killed 49 innocent civilians and critically wounded numerous others, we come to grip with the realization that our enemies are living within us. We all are a loss for words trying to find a definitive answer for this horrific tragedy happening in a confine of friendly atmosphere. No one could ever imagined, that a gunman who was born in New York of Afghan parents, would devastate the lives of so many.

Revelers about 300 of them, enjoying the nightlife at the busy Pulse nightclub had no idea that a gunman Omar Mateen, armed with an AR-15 Bushmaster assault weapon, would deliberately contrive his plans to take as much lives as he can, without any thought of showing mercy and pity to the helpless innocent victims who were begging for their lives.

We can only derive from our own theory and hopeful understanding that this deadliest mass shooting in US history could only be done by a sick, disturbed and unstable man. If it is to be believed that he called 911 and admitted his pledge of allegiance to the so called Islamic State, then we all come to the conclusion that this is an act of terrorism- a terrorist where we wage a battle of war against the tyrannous and atrocious evil schemes by inflicting deadly harm to the American people. For me this is not normal and living forward to hopefully seek that freedom of safe-haven in a country like America where people around the world have their dreams and aspirations, the longing of a better life calling America, their homes. But when we are pressed on with some individuals whose beliefs are different with ours and whose motives are driven by religious zealotry, hates and silent rages, we have that significant problem confronting us all.

It may be too easy to say that we can stop these nonsensical killings and the intent of committing violence towards innocent civilians, if we stop manufacturing guns especially those military grade assault rifle. But the problem is that we are also divesting business establishment by stopping them from earning a living. I think the fault can solely be attributed to the individual himself. We can control individuals from buying guns but we cannot control their minds and behaviors. What the FBI has to do is to apply a moratorium on anyone who wants to purchase a gun. Get a thorough background check of that person who likes to buy a gun and for what purpose, then withhold that gun for about two weeks until the business establishment or US gun companies gets a clearance from the FBI or even from the National Rifle Association, that the said gun purchase is clear and ready for issue. This is already true in many instances but I believe it has to be strictly enforced, checked, and re-checked that individuals and businesses owners are following the laws. No short-cuts, favoritism, and underhanded dealings.

Too many lives have already been lost. From the Blacksburg, Virginia massacre, to the Newtown, Connecticut, Killen, Texas and the San Bernardino rampaged, our grieves and sorrows are mounting in droves, becoming too painful and enormous to bear. There must be some preventive measures to stop this nonsensical killing of innocent civilians whose lives were cut short by the false beliefs of this radical Islamist ideology and irrational discountenances of these deranged individuals.

To avoid any tragedy of this nature, people must be circumspect and cautious to be on the lookout when attending any social gatherings, sport events and entertainments where the lunatics are targeting the big crowds and congregation of sorts. Business establishments have to hire more types of securities to be patterned like the TSA, by screening all individuals, travelers and detecting potential terrorists. I know it is a hard task to do that may result in causing a delay but we need all the help we can get to combat the heinous act of terror and their unforgiving evil intentions of killing innocent people.

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