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The Impatient man

Written By: Rex Solano - Jul• 31•15

Throughout my whole life, the one thing that I hated the most is to wait. I do admit and I believe I have a short fuse and it builds up to the point that I relinquish my self-preserving sanity and question the integrity of my character. For me, I still believe that I am a kind person, civilized in how I handle my attitude and dealings with all my friends, relatives, even family with my utmost respect. But when it comes to waiting, I just don’t have the patience and gentleman’s imposing type of manner to be regarded as an exemplary model for others to follow. Time and time again I keep on asking myself, why am I acting like this? Why I became so restless and irritable that my annoyance at certain things would have leads to a confrontational arguments? I have that surreptitious mood, stealthily trying to overcome the power of my mind. And all too well I know, I defeat myself with the temper and the tantrum, the discomfort and the false beliefs that some business industry are trying to steal my precious time because I allowed them to dictate the clandestine policy of how they run their business.

I hate to go to the movie regardless how good it was advertised because I don’t want to stand in line and wait hours to buy tickets. I also have the phobia of hearing these so called terms “Black Thursday and Black Friday.” I know how people like to have those bargains galore, beaming from ears to ears how cheap it were to own a laptop, iPhone6, HD TV and others accessories. Not me. You will never see me standing overnight in the line waiting for the store to open at 5:00 in the morning. No Siree, not my style. You will never see me going window shopping to survey and canvass all the prices and wait for it to go down. I told my wife so many times that when I like to buy certain things, I go for conveniences. When I have the money, I always have the time to buy what I need regardless of whether the price is high or low.

One time I had a doctor’s appointment. My appointment called for 9:45 AM. It was almost up to 11:15 when my doctor saw me. He took my blood pressure and he scolded me that it was so high. When I told him the truth about it, that the reason my blood pressure is too high is because I waited so long for the late appointment! I was fuming mad inside me and my patience was tested and compromised that I almost walked away from my appointment.

One of my friends had invited me to go fishing so many times. I turned him down for one short explanation that I just cannot fathom the idea of throwing my fishing line and then just wait for the fish to bite. For me I think it is a waste of time. But that is my reasoning and hopefully in my own view of appeasing those who like to go fishing to not emulate how I deal with my own reason, for I am not just the type of person who patiently can wait for hours just to catch a fish.

I guess that’s our nature’s way of dealing with our lives. I tried to calm myself, change my style, my attitude and be more productive in some other way, but the unbearable pain to be subjected to long waiting has already saddle and beset me with these kinds of habits and mannerism. I think nothing will come to me if I don’t patiently wait. However, I am not alone. I saw all those drivers cussing and swearing when gridlocks, heavy traffics tried to hinder or impedes their paths to their destinations, especially if they are late for work. We may not know how they feel, but just like you and me, being impatient has in his or her mind the tendency of trying to overcome the feeling of restlessness, irritability and annoyance but we are just not capable of conquering the force of rage and madness that dwells within ourselves. Justifiably, there are probably millions like me to at least have the comfort of knowing that I am not alone with this unbearable character of impatience.

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