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The Cruelty Of Fate and The Circumstances Behind It.

Written By: Rex Solano - Apr• 02•16

There are times in life that when we failed to live up to our expectations, the desires and hopes that we long to achieve, we blamed it on fate and even called it a destiny as a criterion in our life asking why such incidents or misfortunes are fortuitously happening to us.The fact is, we even shrugged our shoulders and said it to ourselves, that is fate and then in a sour grapes tone of voices, we would say that maybe God has something better things in store for us. But that is not the case. We lead our lives based on the decision we made and the choice we take. God is only instrumental in guiding us in whatever undertaking we do in life that would benefit us in all future endeavors. Commonly, when we meet the most cumbersome and unfairness of how the cruelty of fate played a trick on our lives, especially the tragic loss of our loved ones, immediately we sought the Divine intervention of the Lord. God has nothing to do with all the misfortunes that are occurring in our lives. Fate is just an unavoidable circumstances beyond our control, although if we are too careful and prepare ourselves to any adversities and misfortunes that would ultimately strike us with hapless results, then maybe, the divine intervention of God is conceivably needed. But too often than not, as what William Ernest Henly pointed out in his poem “Invictus,” when he venerate proudly “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul,” we lead our lives the way we like it to be. We are aptly responsible in determining all the challenges confronting us or even that are ahead of us.

The cruelty of fate or the so called twist of fate happened just recently to basketball star Mario Chalmers. I am not too shy to admit that I followed his basketball career since he was playing with Kansas Jayhawks ultimately winning the NCAA title and then NBA titles with Miami Heats. When the Heats traded him to Memphis Grizzlies, for me it was quite contentious and disturbing to see him go. But that was part of the economic reason as the Miami organization was trying to solidify their team roster especially with the departure of LeBron James, considered a prodigal player who came back to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But what was so sad when Miami Heats traded Mario Chalmers to Memphis Grizzlies are his all out efforts to blend in with a new team, trying to prove to the basketball world that he has something left in the “tank” as one would suggest. I purposely titled my blog -” the cruelty of fate and the circumstances behind it” because I felt that the manner Memphis Grizzlies’ handled the case of Chalmers was so disheartening and uncalled for, the inculcate iniquity toward the budding basketball career of Mario Chalmers; by severing ties or ending his contract upon rupturing an ending season Achilles tendon injury. We were neither expecting nor even envisioning of an unjust treatment to any player, but a decision of unfairness to let him go had bewailed a moan of cries heard in all circles of the basketball world, and for Mario Chalmers, grimacing the pain and sadness of his basketball career, he soon has to find a new team that is willing to take a calculated risk how quickly he recovers from an ankle injury. Well, we can blame it on fate and how cruel it was.

My Mom who suffered a stroke about over a year now and still has not recovered would never be nary in my mind of any thought to consider a cruelty of fate. But the circumstances befallen her, how it happened leaves much of a more suspicious action that nobody was able to watch her carefully when a woman at the age of 91, apparently needs careful attention and guidance to monitor her daily activities. Through all the years, as she continued to struggle to get a glimpse of how the beautiful nature surroundings in her most painful condition, sadly so, the least I can offer is my gratification and gratitude to Panay Health Care, St Gabriel Hospital, and Ibajay District Hospital. They had exercised and displayed due diligence in their professional duties, having provided useful services and extreme caring to my mother.

Students, who take a board and bar examinations and failed so many times, would never place the blame on fate because those students control their own destiny. If they studied hard and prepared to review for the exams, there is no reason to doubt that they will pass.

We are all talking about circumstances happening to some people saying in jest that a person met his fateful death in a bizarre way for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. An Airline passenger was so thankful that she missed the flight upon learning that the plane she was about to take met a tragic air tragedy. Was she ever lucky or merely a stroke of fate? How can we ever justify those innocent victims who were killed in Paris carnage, a Brussell bombing explosion in Belgium, also in Pakistani annihilated by a suicide bombers, lest we asked ourselves and search in our souls if ever these criminal activities are related to the so-called fates or for just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

However, fate enmeshed our lives in so different forms and mysterious ways. The usually adverse and inescapable misfortunes blaming it on the so-called fate have been parsimoniously regarded as a stroke of bad luck. We cannot control our destiny and fate. It just comes to happen to us. An example was a man working in his yard mowing the lawn when an irresponsible driver who was busy texting drives right through the path where a man was cutting the grass causing a tragedy, if that is not a cruelty of fate, I do not know what else?

For if at anytime you happened to go to Las Vegas and met your ex-girlfriend, that is not a chance but of fate. God also find a way to rekindle the love of an old relationship that was lost and through fate, a destiny was born.

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