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The Conscience Of Many Fools

Written By: Rex Solano - Aug• 30•15

According to Karl Barth “Conscience is the perfect interpreter of life.” It creates a vacuum of theoretical reasoning and fallacies that influences and betrays our minds. It is an insuperable catastrophic character in a person that impels and undermines the probity of his or her actions that if not remedied will devastate other people’s lives.

We have come across so many people, whose deeds and actions have leaded us into thinking, asking ourselves; don’t they have any conscience of their own? When we heard of politicians, though not all, I repeat not all, corrupting and divesting their own constituents of the money or funds supposedly intended to better and improve the livelihood of those they promised to serve, I considered those politicians a fool and those without conscience and heartless. Why impose a burden to the hapless and merciless people whose desires and aspirations are nothing but to put those politicians in office so that in return they may be able to care, cater and improve their impoverish living conditions? We are sickened to the stomach to hear the cries of citizens complaining about the insensitivity and the unconscionable fools of government officials who failed miserably to serve and protect the welfare of its own people.

But for a moment let us spare some government officials of some unkindly words and leaves much to be desired a benefit of the doubt, for even an ordinary person has culpably bear our brunt of being a fool himself. Take for example a driver who got involved in an accident by hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk will conjures little in our own small imagination to perfunctorily adjudge his action as cruel and despicable that instead of helping and assisting an injured person, he would rather speed away leaving a helpless man to die. What becomes of his moral conscience or a guilty conscience if he has one, to accept the responsibility of his action? Gee! Even Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ had the forthright temerity to own up to his wrongdoings, so bothered with a conscience of guilt that he hanged himself.

If Karl Barth is true to his saying that conscience is the perfect interpreter of our life, then we must not saddle our conduct or motives insignificantly, much so to the detrimental ruination of other people’s lives. Conscience as it is defined as that of human psyche that induce mental anguish and feeling of guilt when we violate it, and feeling of pleasure and well-being when our actions, thoughts and words are in conformity to our value system. Yet we fail to perpetuate and understand this because we are afraid of the consequence and we fear to acknowledge the truth. Not being upright and truthful would never give us any satisfaction to achieve a clear conscience in life. Some people discreetly or knowingly commit unlawful acts to the detriments of their own, hoping that it will not be discovered, but the voice of conscience, dictated upon by a guilty mind would succumbed to the real truth itself.

Lies, deceits and being dishonest to ourselves are one of the culprits that define the embodiment of our personalities and characters. When we do immoral acts, it is not that easy to admit the veracity of its truthfulness. Perhaps the desires to achieve the penultimate success in life is to enrich themselves at the expense of others have no consequential effect or have no bearing of sympathy to them as long as they live a lavish life, driving a nice car or displaying a mansion for others to envy? But we are not a fool like them who ravages and devalues the equality of others people lives.

Well as Mark Twain said, “let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.”

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