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The Cacophonous In Our Troubled World

Written By: Rex Solano - Dec• 20•15

What will become of our world? Our lives are driven into a lunacy of a deranged inharmonious dissonance of world leaders who are no longer acting normal as we read and heard of other nations with unquestionable beliefs and convictions by fomenting vicious and random killing of innocent kids and civilians. The world we live in looks in turmoil right now; thus far assailing our democratic lives with terrors and fears. We are losing the visions of all the hopes and dreams for all mankind trying keenly to shelter and defend our rights to live. We could never get a clearer picture behind the reasoning and attitudes of ISIS towards life. I am so confused about ISIS ideology; their faith and how their religion comes into play, that instead of fostering peace and goodwill among people with different creeds, the ISIS somehow inflames fears and terrors to the innocent victims in which a God given-gift of life are so valuable and are worth to live for. With so many random killings happening in the forays of our midst, I try to grapple a definitive answered as to what are the purposes of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, with their sinister evil acts trying to decapitate and violently kill the lives of innocent victims whose primary reasons to exist on earth are nothing but to live peacefully in accordance with the democracy and freedom being provided? Right now, we are afraid to confront and challenge the faiths and beliefs of other nations, whereby their advocacy and principle of normal living are so different from ours.

This is not how we like to see the world. These are not what we expected from leaders of other nations behaving and acting with their atrocious scheming plans to eradicate the lives of innocent people whose visions for their futures are a stellar grandiose of moving forward to a progressive society. I have no qualms if the ISIS have their own religion to follow and what their manifestation of ideology towards life. But give us a reason why ISIS has to involve innocent people especially the young kids whose futures, they have not been able to explore and appreciate the wonders of the beautiful world.

Living in America for so long, I wasn’t educated as to how the acronym ISIS comes into existence. I did not even heed to care until the Paris massacres and the San Bernardino shooting comes into my attention. In social medium, the word ISIS became the trending stories and so I asked? Who is the ISIS? According to what I read, ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is ruthless, cruel, evil and powerful dictator in Syria, Libya and Iraq. Also come to mind are tyrant leaders who were evil like Assad, Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein whose name I will not forget when I was sent to Subic Bay, Philippines during the Desert Storm/ Shield deployment to help support the Kuwait province from being invaded by the Iraqi regime led by Saddam Hussein.

But what really is ISIS motive? Why kill innocent victims? What did those people who died in that Paris carnage and San Bernardino shooting do to ISIS? We are good citizens of a great nation. What harm did we do to them? Those people who died in the Paris carnage and San Bernardino shooting would never know the answers and neither would we. But it is the spirit called Jihaad, one of the most important pillar of religion Islam and the main motivation for ISIS that has driven them to inflict bodily harm to innocent victims because of their attitude towards life and believing in it that to strap a detonated explosive devices to themselves, taking along so many human lives at their discretionary will, had given them dimly a false sense of worship and belief that to commit suicide will take them straight to heaven full of virgin wives. I will not sell myself to that kind of theory for I know that it is a crooked principle to follow. But who are we to argue if these so called terrorists are being brain-washed for possessing a very weak mind by tyrant leaders who like to control the world? However, I will not go as far as condemning the religion of Islam and the Muslims because not all Muslims are ruthless and evil. Some Muslims citizens have also contributed greatly to the betterment of America. It is in the ISIS ideology and beliefs that we have to counter and focus our strength and to be more vigilant in their evil acts as they will not stop short of promulgating their vicious and immoral intentions of eradicating innocent people.

I have these unsolicited views and feelings that the ISIS like to control the world but other nations will not tolerate it and allow them to thrive in their tyrannous and nefarious evil activities. We all heard about the random and senseless killing of innocent victims. Is this the world that God had created for us? Is this how ISIS treats human beings because our ideology and outlooks in life are not in line with their faith and their tyrannical obsession of controlling a territorial presence throughout the world? So far we are all living in fear, running away from the trembles of the cruel and wicked evil ISIS who had been posturing in their vicious minds by inflaming fears and the spreading of terror towards mankind.

With the advent of year 2016, I fervently hope that people of different races, cultures and attitudes towards fellow human beings will ultimately embrace love, peace and freedom, for even if the world change, we will not accomplish positive results unless we ourselves change. Let us stop harboring ill-feeling and hatred toward one another for we all like to share the goodness and camaraderie around the world in the same breath like the ISIS, like you and me.

From the, Happy Holidays everybody!!!!

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