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A Tribute To The Wonder Woman Of Ondoy

On September 23, 2017, the final chapter of my mom’s life was laid to rest. All that remains now are her glorious and splendorous heritages that anyone who remembers her would saddle to the memories of her accomplishment in life. Even to the time of her death, I still envisioned in her a truly remarkable […]

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The Cruelty Of Fate and The Circumstances Behind It.

There are times in life that when we failed to live up to our expectations, the desires and hopes that we long to achieve, we blamed it on fate and even called it a destiny as a criterion in our life asking why such incidents or misfortunes are fortuitously happening to us.The fact is, we […]

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The Ultimate Challenges Of Our Faith

Despite my physical condition due to a surgical operation which restricted me from traveling, heavy lifting, bowling among other things, I made a very risky decision that plausibly would have endangered and compromised my health. After receiving sad news from my cousin that my mother had suffered a stroke, I felt like a rumbling rock […]

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