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” I Do Believe “

I do believe that with the upcoming ever so important general election on November 8, I am presumptuously confident that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will emerge victorious and lead the American people to the path of righteousness and good governance. I also do believe that she will enlighten us with her fortitude, strong […]

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A Bullet With No Gun

Aside from fear of flying, wary about potential terrorist hijacking the plane, now comes the most egregious threat that will obviate and alter the traveling plans of passengers going to the Philippines coming from other countries. If the so called ” laglag-bala” scams that went viral on social media about the planting of bullets on […]

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An Invitation To Death

What if Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude had been honest to herself by divulging her true sexual identity admitting to PFC Pemberton that she is a transgender or had she not led a life of lies, deception and chicanery, would there be any fortuity or probable chance that she will be alive today? The burden of the […]

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Manny Pacquiao’s Victory-Symbol Of Filipino’s Comeback From Adversity

With the WBO International Welterweight crown on the line, Manny Pacquiao did not waste any time disposing Brandon Rios, making a punching bag out of him and total annihilation for the boxing world to see. I saw a different Manny Pacquiao this time. He was so aggressive but careful in trying to outbox the bigger […]

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From the land of the rising sun, to the land of the free, onto the rich oil countries in Middle East, the pork barrel scandal that rocks and shocked the Philippine nation have been the talked and cries of the Filipino people heard around the world. The Filipino people as always have been the victims […]

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