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The Cruelty Of Fate and The Circumstances Behind It.

There are times in life that when we failed to live up to our expectations, the desires and hopes that we long to achieve, we blamed it on fate and even called it a destiny as a criterion in our life asking why such incidents or misfortunes are fortuitously happening to us.The fact is, we […]

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A Disservice To The League And Fans

  Gregg Popovich, coach of San Antonio Spurs is considered and ranked as one of the best coaches of all time. Why not? He guided the San Antonio Spurs to four-time NBA champion as their head coach. However on Thursday November 27, he made a very unpopular and unwise decision by sending his best players […]

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For Chris Bosh, It Was Too Painful To Remember

At this time of last year, I saw Chris Bosh on the TV monitor dabbing his eyes, as if in tears feeling the dejection of disappointment as his team the Miami Heats lost to the Dallas Mavericks in game six of the NBA finals. I tried to compose my thoughts reminding Chris Bosh that the […]

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