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Of Doubts, Uncertainties And Suspicions

We all have doubts and suspicion regarding the presidential victory of Donald Trump over the erstwhile favorite Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to believe or even to imagine that a presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton who was leading in all surveys, exit polls and owning a lot of massive endorsements would lose the election […]

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“Be Careful What You Wish For”

I can neither fathom nor understand a candidate running for president with so many skeletons in the closet and haunted with an intemperate dark past. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, probably in his own rights, has never thought of nor imagined that all the accusations against him will come to light. Claiming that he is so […]

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” I Do Believe “

I do believe that with the upcoming ever so important general election on November 8, I am presumptuously confident that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will emerge victorious and lead the American people to the path of righteousness and good governance. I also do believe that she will enlighten us with her fortitude, strong […]

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