Solano Stories

” May We Rest In Peace”

The influxes of what goes on in our minds are self-serving opinionated thoughts tinkered with the ideas of curiosity in hands. I was curious and until now I am still curious as to what this proverbial saying “rest in peace” really means to us. When someone dies, we extend our condolences, our thoughts and prayers […]

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Will The Death Penalty Help Deter Crimes?

Anytime a heinous crime is committed, immediately we surmised the thoughts of imposing a stiffer penalty to put a stop to all these rampaging criminal activities happening in our country. Advocate supporters will openly voice their opinions that it is time to bring back the death penalty in order to instill and spread fears to […]

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When The Nations Cries, So Does Its People

  Instead of embracing the year 2013 with love, joy and happiness, we are imperviously tasked to complete the challenge, the eventuality of overcoming the languor of sadness and sorrow within our lives. As the world evolves and revolves around us, it has flout before our eyes, the cruel turns of hates, angers, the adversarial […]

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