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Tacloban, A City In Distress: Now The Blame Game

Written By: Rex Solano - Nov• 21•13


A person of malice and had a spite of evil mind posted a message on Facebook that the Super typhoon Yolanda perniciously incurred  during the time of devastation was the act and wrath of God to the City of Tacloban because the Visayan are sinners and hope their souls will end up in hell. She also added that the people of Tacloban City were being punished because of sins committed or were sinners in the eyes of the Lord. Lady, this is farther from the truth. God has nothing to do with it. It’s was a force of nature that calamities such as a typhoon, earthquake and tsunami strikes anywhere in the world, but most especially to the most susceptible areas like what happened in the Visayan Regions.Again, God has nothing to do with it. Typhoon, tsunami, earthquake, cyclone and et al, can bring havoc and cause destruction to any countries in the world.  It is the repression of climate change and of global warning positioning ourselves to be aware of its effect and consequences. We had witnessed and heard about the Tsunami that hit Japan and Thailand, Earthquake in Haiti, thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricane in America; nothing can be more realistic than to be prepared in the events of another typhoon comes our way. To ease our mind of any threat and danger, catastrophe of this magnitude can be avoided and controlled. We just have to be prepared and be ready.

We have heard the saying that God help those who help themselves. And so when the weather advisory like the Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA) alerted us that we have to brace ourselves for the coming of the storms, we have to heed and listen. We cannot be so complacent and takes everything for granted. We are so used of believing that nothing will ever happen until it really hits us. Some towns in other provinces survived the onslaught of Super typhoon Yolanda because they listened. They were told to evacuate to higher grounds and even when the flood was surging as high as 18 feet, they managed to survive. Are we still to defy ourselves, the improbable theory to believe that it was the act of God, hindering our mind with that irrational thinking? The problem with that lady posting a devilish message on Facebook is the fact that she is becomingly acting like a spoil brat, so arrogant, insensitive and undisciplined? If we drive our car and happen to meet an accident, are we going to say that it was God’s doing causing the mishap?  Verily I will tell you that your carelessness and negligence contributes to the accident. Or also if a person happens to succumb to heart attack, will it be the right logic to put the blame on God?  We may be so lackadaisical on how we put our thinking into perspective but in all things we do, we are rationally “the master of our fate and the captain of our soul.” So please stop blaming God for the misfortunes and tragedies befalling your own ignorant thinking.

Even at the level of the national government, they were blaming the local government for being so unprepared and its failure of mishandling the emergency crisis. At that very day when Super typhoon Yolanda inundated the city of Tacloban to the horrible sight of misery and helplessness, the storm surged were mightily strong, the flood streaming wildly and survivors scampering for safety, I will attest to the fact that nothing the local government can do to fulfill their duties to help the inhabitants of Tacloban City as they  also were victims. Leaders always like to blame others for the shortcomings and failures of their own. Time and time again, tragedies will strikes upon us. Are we so diligence to take remedial action and to measure our abilities to protect our own people in the event of another disaster? Local government, even the national government has to be capable ready. Disaster response and recovery program are well in hand ready to be implemented. All heavy equipment are operational and on standby ready for clearing and cleaning operations?  Having said all that, I still have doubts that the national governments are ready to face another challenge. But I will reserve my opinion for now hoping that the national government had learned a lesson from this disaster. All too well I always think that we are so good at cramming things like a student who only study for the exams 2 hours before he take the test. That’s how we are. We only take action when calamity and disaster strikes us. And this doesn’t bode well to all of us unless we as individuals change the course of our crooked mind and a posturing bad attitudes, to willfully adapt to the most forbearing word “change.” How many of us as an individual is ready to make a change or willing to change?

We just have to stop playing the blame game.        



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