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Written By: Rex Solano - Oct• 15•14

Note: This blog is written by Hyla Solano

It is a hard thing to do, keep in touch and genuinely keep the closeness with siblings; with our busy lives of priorities, appointments, friends, and basically all else. We take it for granted this family we grew up with; that they will be there forever and always. But the closeness can fade from lack of togetherness and friends and other “new” families (husband, wife, kids, etc.) now become the first priority. Sad but many times inevitable.
Siblings are a unique breed of family. You don’t get to choose. They are just there when you grow up whether you like it or not. But you can foster a bond that is unimaginably unbreakable if you all wish it so. If one doesn’t then you can try to convince them but it takes two. First of all you don’t have to look around for someone about your age (most of the time you’ll are 2-4yrs apart). All of you come from the same background environment so maybe the general rules of life would be similar. That’s 50% of the battle when trying to find good friends-same ages, similar outlooks, and maybe same racial background. People would say what? My sister/brother be my friend? Why not?
The problem starts as they get older they develop individual personalities that may or may not clash with yours. The differences start to be a problem and the fights begin, mostly because you’ll live in close proximity! The key is to weather this time of growing up together to be bearable so you don’t end of hating each other until adult reasoning chimes in. Sometimes the damage is irreversible and bonds are lost for many years, sometimes forever.
As adults, it’s harder to repair bonds that have been damaged or severed but it can be done if both sides are willing to work at it. One person cannot do it all. It needs to be a relationship whereby both sides are satisfied of the outcome. That is easier said than done obviously.

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