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Pokeman Go – Elementary Moves

Written By: Rex Solano - Aug• 26•16

Note: This blog is written by Hyla Solano

This article is to mention some of the beginning moves I’ve discovered since playing P.go. It assumes the player is familiar with the basic elements of the game; however, if needed I can write a prequel to discuss those oddities, far-out, cool, elements of Pokeman Go.
Collect those pokeman balls! It’s never enough. Until you become good at “catching” those pokeman animations you will probably use more than one to conquer your find. Also the higher the CP value, the harder it will be to capture. If you have rasberries, save them for the harder CPs-its meant to make it easier to capture. No one has to tell you to use those great pokeballs (blue) or ultra pokeballs (black) when the rare ones are in your sights. They tend to run away (thats the grey clouds that appear when it happens!)
Capture anything that passes your way! If you have room that is-there’s a limit on the number of pokemans you can store (this may be alleviated by purchasing more space). The reason is stardust is valuable when evoluting. And everytime you capture a pokeman you collect 100 stardust; as well as getting other advantages. You may already have enough of that basic level pokeman but the additional benefits make it worthwhile to do capture.
Plan on utilizing the gyms. Its scary at first-unsure of what the heck is going on? Plus actually interacting w/others (even if its the program). First of all beginners probably don’t have enough high value CP pokemans to fight successfully so its losers time. Never you mind, its good practice. I found it frustrating at first but practice makes perfect and was I proud when I saw my pokeman displayed on the gym roster! Supposedly you’ve selected a team by now and when you play the gyms and fight another team you get 6 pokeman to use. If the gym is owned by your team (mine is Mystique-blue) you get one pokeman. This is because its training time and you really don’t want to slaughter your own teammates.
Alrighty! These are just some of the situations that I came across while enjoying Pokeman Go. Very elementary and nice to know. Remember-don’t drive and play! Pay attention to your surroundings-be SAFE!

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