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Super Foods, Health, Dr. Axe And The Morning Mindset

Written By: Rex Solano - Aug• 15•15

I have a fond admiration for Dr.Axe.

Not only does he recommend incredible health tips, but he also is a tremendous marketer who knows how to keep you on the hook! If you’ve watched one of his videos, he has the innate ability to help you become completely empowered with your food choices and equips you with tidbits of knowledge that makes you feel good about yourself.

So who is Dr.Axe? Dr. Axe is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, expert in Natural Medicine, a speaker for Fortune 500 Companies (Nissan, Whole Foods) and a doctor of chiropractic medicine (or so his website tells me).
Recently, I’ve become a customer of his (I purchased a bag of collagen that he claims fixes leaky gut) and the way he has me digesting health information has me going off the charts! Therefore, I’d like to share information that he provides for free at
Dr.Axe talks about key important areas of health that although can come across as gimmicky, makes you feel good. The key target areas he covers are:
1) Weight Loss – 34% of Americans are obese and 32% are overweight.
2) Detox
3) Anti-Aging
4) Muscle Building

And now….. How to achieve the greatest morning mindset for the rest of your life!

Mornings can be a real drag. The sound of your alarm clock and the longing for 5 more minutes is a common greeting for most mornings. Especially on a weekday.
In the pursuit of improving the quality of life, I found a few little tricks to make sure your Monday (or any day) morning blues don’t get the best of you. Here are 6 creative ways to wake up happy and enjoy your mornings just a little bit more.
1) Perk Up. A lot of people start their morning with a cup coffee to get jump started but it might be best to start with an enjoyable activity instead. Stimulate your brain in other ways besides the reliance of caffeine. I talk about this in “A Smarter Way to Start Your Morning.”
2) Wake up to music. As an alternative to waking up to the buzzing of an alarm clock, switch it up with music that gets you moving. Often times, when I wake up to music it may not be enough to jolt me fully awake. I fall asleep and then I’m late.
If you have this problem, stick to your alarm clock and after you’ve fully awaken. Jazz is up a bit with entertaining fast-paced music to get going. I always listen to a nice victory song such as We Are the Champions by Queen or Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.
3) Wake up to do. If you have direction for your day, it may motivate you more than just waking up aimlessly. The night before, what I like to do is put together a to-do list. As soon as I wake up, I look at the list and imagine how it will feel after I complete the list. Once I finish everything the day looks much brighter and I feel much more accomplished right from the start.
4) Wake up to work out. I am not much of a “morning workout person” however I noticed that when I do a 2-mile run in the morning, I am much more energetic and alert using the adrenaline of exercise. It is a great replacement for coffee but you just can’t help but feel good after doing a high energy work out.
5) Wake up to FUN! When do people have the most fun? At night of course! We watch movies at night, we eat good food during dinner, and we hang out with our friends at night too! Why don’t we do this in the morning? Because it’s a real drag. Let’s change it up. Hang out with friends in the morning. Scheduled something fun to do! Mornings can be fun if you let them. 🙂
6) Wake to Hulu. Hulu usually comes out with new shows the night after they air. When I wake up, it helps to catch an episode of Once Upon A Time or Nashville to get your brain all dramatic! I am always extremely motivated to wake up 30 minutes to a 1-hour early to catch my favorite shows. It helps set the tone for my day and believe or not, I’m super happy after catching up on some drama.
Americans have been fighting the morning drag-yourself-out-of-bed blues since the turn of the century. Don’t let it bring you down. Wake up happy and life will reward you throughout the day!

Take charge of your life now! Get healthy! Live to the fullest! Be the best you can!

(Article-Courtesy of QLifeStory)

The Impatient man

Written By: Rex Solano - Jul• 31•15

Throughout my whole life, the one thing that I hated the most is to wait. I do admit and I believe I have a short fuse and it builds up to the point that I relinquish my self-preserving sanity and question the integrity of my character. For me, I still believe that I am a kind person, civilized in how I handle my attitude and dealings with all my friends, relatives, even family with my utmost respect. But when it comes to waiting, I just don’t have the patience and gentleman’s imposing type of manner to be regarded as an exemplary model for others to follow. Time and time again I keep on asking myself, why am I acting like this? Why I became so restless and irritable that my annoyance at certain things would have leads to a confrontational arguments? I have that surreptitious mood, stealthily trying to overcome the power of my mind. And all too well I know, I defeat myself with the temper and the tantrum, the discomfort and the false beliefs that some business industry are trying to steal my precious time because I allowed them to dictate the clandestine policy of how they run their business.

I hate to go to the movie regardless how good it was advertised because I don’t want to stand in line and wait hours to buy tickets. I also have the phobia of hearing these so called terms “Black Thursday and Black Friday.” I know how people like to have those bargains galore, beaming from ears to ears how cheap it were to own a laptop, iPhone6, HD TV and others accessories. Not me. You will never see me standing overnight in the line waiting for the store to open at 5:00 in the morning. No Siree, not my style. You will never see me going window shopping to survey and canvass all the prices and wait for it to go down. I told my wife so many times that when I like to buy certain things, I go for conveniences. When I have the money, I always have the time to buy what I need regardless of whether the price is high or low.

One time I had a doctor’s appointment. My appointment called for 9:45 AM. It was almost up to 11:15 when my doctor saw me. He took my blood pressure and he scolded me that it was so high. When I told him the truth about it, that the reason my blood pressure is too high is because I waited so long for the late appointment! I was fuming mad inside me and my patience was tested and compromised that I almost walked away from my appointment.

One of my friends had invited me to go fishing so many times. I turned him down for one short explanation that I just cannot fathom the idea of throwing my fishing line and then just wait for the fish to bite. For me I think it is a waste of time. But that is my reasoning and hopefully in my own view of appeasing those who like to go fishing to not emulate how I deal with my own reason, for I am not just the type of person who patiently can wait for hours just to catch a fish.

I guess that’s our nature’s way of dealing with our lives. I tried to calm myself, change my style, my attitude and be more productive in some other way, but the unbearable pain to be subjected to long waiting has already saddle and beset me with these kinds of habits and mannerism. I think nothing will come to me if I don’t patiently wait. However, I am not alone. I saw all those drivers cussing and swearing when gridlocks, heavy traffics tried to hinder or impedes their paths to their destinations, especially if they are late for work. We may not know how they feel, but just like you and me, being impatient has in his or her mind the tendency of trying to overcome the feeling of restlessness, irritability and annoyance but we are just not capable of conquering the force of rage and madness that dwells within ourselves. Justifiably, there are probably millions like me to at least have the comfort of knowing that I am not alone with this unbearable character of impatience.

What Fight? There Never Was A Fight!

Written By: Rex Solano - May• 21•15

At the Leeward Bowling establishment here in Pearl City, Hawaii, a man approached and asked me, “What do you think of the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao last Saturday ( May 2 ) in Las Vegas? To this I answered him back in a sarcastic tone of voice, “What fight? There never was a fight! There was no action, no excitement and no fun at all. What I saw was Manny Pacquiao pursuing aggressively the back-pedaling Floyd Mayweather Jr, protecting his face with a pair of gloves. Mayweather Jr clinched so many times, sometimes held Manny’s head and hand. Floyd employed his defensive strategy, the coward type of any boxer who resorted to the “hit and run tactic.” To this he nodded his head knowing that I was on Manny’s side. Then I added telling the man that the Mayweather Jr and Pacquiao fight reminded me of Joshua Clottey who for the duration of 12 rounds just ran around in the ring protecting himself.” Now the same could be said about Mayweather Jr. Sport writers considered Mayweather Jr. as one of the best pounds for pound fighter. My foot! Mayweather Jr. had not proven nor impressed me as he showcased his boxing style. For me this bout with Manny Pacquiao was a failure, a dud and shameful disappointment. I paid the pay preview provider an exorbitant charge of almost $100 and the fight was not even worth its hype, considering it was advertised as “the fight of the century.” The fight was so boring, except for Manny Pacquiao who was aggressively determined to knock Floyd Mayweather,Jr., down. But what we saw in Mayweather Jr was like a turtle hiding his neck under the shell. Even the decision of the three ringside judges, giving a majority victory to Mayweather Jr. was unreal, unbelievable in itself, and disappointing at the very worst. I recorded the fight and watched it intently round by round. I scored the first round even as both fighters tried to feel and analyze each other style. I had Manny winning rounds 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10, a total of 7 rounds. Forget that Manny Pacquiao was fighting with an injured right shoulder; yet Manny carries the actions, trying to dismiss the notion of displaying an ugly and boring fight. Mayweather jr. was pinned against the rope so many times and what he did was just trying to protect his $180 million face and left some boxing fans crying of a sham, deceits and taken for a ride. If there was a song playing in the background during their fighting encounter it would be to the tune of “Runaround Sue”. That would perfectly justify the ugly ending of a very disinterested fight.

“Floyd Mayweather Jr may have won this morning, but it doesn’t really matter. He could defeat ten more of Manny Pacquiao but he will never be remembered the way Pacman will be as a true fighter. Money stands for nothing. He may be undefeated, but he is not a champion. Manny Pacquiao is and always will be.” – MUHAMMAD ALI.

Those were the words and statements of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time, who shared his opinions over what he thought was a one sided decision by the three judges favoring and handing a controversial majority decision to Floyd Mayweather Jr. When true icons of boxing greats like Muhammad Ali, Shane Mosley and Evander Holyfield sharing their unsolicited opinions about the fight, doubting a questionable victory by Floyd Mayweather Jr, we can only empathize with the boxing fans how they were treated wrongly. They were all good fighters during their times and for them to believe that the three judges erred in rendering a unanimous decision in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr. will leave an impressionable dent to the boxing industry. For one thing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not mix it up with Manny Pacquaiao; not even to provide suspenseful actions for what the spectators and boxing viewers wanted to see. We were treated with Manny Pacquiao, being the aggressor and pursuing relentlessly the runaround demeanor of Floyd Mayweather Jr. They could have at least mixed it up and Floyd could give the boxing fans some actions, something to cheer about; a good fight at the very least. But for Floyd Mayweather jr, sad to say, was running, dancing around all night, covering his face with his pair of gloves, and when he gets a chance embraces Manny to the screaming and booing of the boxing fans. Muhammad Ali was right in his assessment and true to his sincere words that to possess a heart of a true champion; one must prove to be valiant, courageous and determined to slug it out with the opponent to achieve a clear victory, approval and satisfaction of the boxing fans. Muhammad Ali knows what boxing is all about. Who would have forgotten the classic fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali known as the “Thrilla of Manila?” That’s what boxing is defined, executed and performed in the ring, packed full of actions, a desperate fighter trying to out-slug one another and to engage in a ferocious decadence of grits and courage; the submission of the will to survive. The billing about the fight of the century was not even close to the “Thrilla of Manila” featuring two of the best heavyweight fighters of all time, Muhammad Ali and the late Joe Frazier.

We have known and witnessed some of the best boxing matches like the Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran where boxing fans were entertained till the very end when Roberto Duran would no longer answer to the bell and screamed to his trainer “No Mas.”

The fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will go down in history as a sham, soon to forget and never to be talked about again. History will never recognize and immortalize Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a good fighter and a true champion, even if he has unblemished records of 48-0. His last fight with Pacquiao obliterates his boxing accomplishment and spells the notion that he is an opportunistic fighter, who relies mostly on his defensive strategy and wondering how boxing fans were so enthused or even could care less about his type of boxing style. He may probably gain some of the respect and admiration of his boxing followers, but for me I had seen enough of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Cries And Screaming In The Sky

Written By: Rex Solano - Apr• 12•15

As we come to bewail with anguish and sorrow, the sad and horrible experiences of those who perished aboard the Germanwings flight 9525, we could not help but precipitously denounce with acrimonious feeling of enmity towards co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’ sinister act. While German authorities were trying to sort out and gather all evidences, a black box voice recorder heard on the video footage had given us pitiful accounts, sometimes painful and traumatic, on what transpired on that fateful day of 24 March 2015. It was very disturbing and excruciatingly painful to hear on the background the eerily sounds of passengers aboard Airbus A320 screaming and the frenetic outburst of crying as they became aware of the danger confronting their final moments as the captain of the plane Patrick Sondheimer mounted desperate efforts to break down the door, at the same time shouting “for the love of God, open up this goddamn door.” Inside the cockpit was co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, alone in the cockpit after he deliberately locked the door and now was in control of the aircraft. What was his purpose; to destroy the Germanwings plane with 150 passengers on-board including him? He intentionally flew a passenger jet into the French Alps Mountain, with one motive in mind to bring down the plane taking all passengers along with him. For me this becomes one of troublesome behaviors nowadays, a despicable premeditated act to curtail the lives of innocent victims whose dreams, hopes, and aspirations in life were still too ripe for prosperity and success. We will never get a clearer picture nor was there a belief beyond reasonable doubts that this tragic crash of Airbus A320 was an act of terrorist; terrorism at its worst moment to divest and deprive innocent people of the free will to live. For at any time a person whose dispirited and evil mind contrive to hatch a premeditated plan to deliberately annihilate human beings at his own discretionary will, would perversely infuse a spark of contagion fears among travelers in view of what happened to Germanwings flight 9525; that a person piloting a plane whom we entrusted our trust, place our faiths and lives in the pilot’s hands and supposedly is responsible to fly us home to safety so that we all can reunite with our love ones and families, is the very one who dare threaten our lives, much more sending others to their horrifying death.

Evidence from all investigative findings were pointing to co-pilot Andreas Lubitz that prior to the plane crash, he was already considered a deranged person with a suicidal tendencies; along with what his ex-girlfriend’s claim he told her that ” one day I will do something that will change the whole system and then the world would know my name and remember it.” Yet none of this alarming suspicious split personality type of behavior of which Andreas Lubitz was harboring was not taken too seriously, to warrant more stringently an investigation of Andreas Lubitz’s medical background before Lufthansa hired him. It is always after the facts when disasters or tragedy of such magnitudes would happen that we take preventable and precautionary measures. Even his medical records suggested that a physician who treated him and was under the doctor’s care knew so well that Andreas Lubitz had an episode of severe depression, yet again no one was also alerted because of hospital policy that forbade doctors to divulge patient’s mental health conditions. This doctor and patient confidentiality has to be studied more closely especially when dealing with patients who are suffering with psychological and neurological health issues. But then again, even Lufthansa, Germanwings parent company said that it knew six years ago that Andreas Lubitz was medically evaluated with psychosomatic illness revealing that he has a mental problem but allowed him to fly the plane anyway. This after the doctor who examined Andreas Lubitz stated in his medical evaluation reports suggesting to Lufthansa officials, that Andreas Lubitz is fit to fly a plane. I found this hard to believe. This is really incredible and so disturbing that a man evaluated with a suicidal tendency was still allowed to pilot the plane with hundreds of human lives under his care? I could never get a reasonable answer out of this senseless and atrocious act done by this lunatic man. I could not even imagine how and why Lufthansa wasn’t so circumspect and diligent enough to check thoroughly Lubitz’s medical background before deciding whether or not to hire Andreas Lubitz to put him in control and pilot a plane and giving him the ultimate responsibility to entrust the lives of innocent passengers.

As a frequent traveler, if some airlines are so remiss and lax in screening potential pilots to fly us to safety, I dread the time of day that would come when I take a 10 and a half hour flight to the Philippines, and all I ever think of during the duration of the flight is the fortunate chances of whether the plane will crash or land safely. I read some airlines require adhering to a two-in-a-cockpit policy. It even requires a cabin crew to sit next to the other pilot in the event one of the pilot excuses himself to use the lavatory.

So far the Transportation Security Administration ( TSA) is really doing a great job. It really has provided us the highest level of security and is watchful to detect potential terrorists and screens thoroughly all passengers who might have concealed dangerous items or even explosive devices. But then as citizens of all nations, we also have to be more transparent and vigilant to report acts of any erratic and suspicious behaviors of those whose darkest desires deviate from our own way of normal living.

The inspirational words from one of the victim’s father Philip Bramley, would tell everyone that “I want to see this cloud over this town lifted and the natural beauty be restored and not to be remembered by the action of a single person.”

Seattle Seahawks: A Super Bowl Victory That Got Away

Written By: Rex Solano - Mar• 05•15

When a football player of Marshawn Lynch’s caliber talked and griped about how he was deprived of the last play call orchestrated by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, we as football fans can only commiserates with Marshawn Lynch’s discomforting thoughts. In an interview with the Turkish Television Network, he was still reeling at that last offensive play. ” You know, MVP of the Super Bowl, that’s pretty much the face of the nation at that point of time.” Although Super Bowl XLIX was long gone for over a month now, football fans are still talking about it. The way the game had ended circumvented the perplexity of a football fan’s frustration and disappointment especially the die-hard Seattle Seahawks fans. It was so closed, a yard away with 26 seconds showing on the game clock. It was one of the most exciting and enervating drama that any football fans could hold in their hearts. For myself I was too edgy, unable to control that scintillating euphoria of how grandiose and spectacular would it be to hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch and scampered to the end zone for a touchdown. That was what I thought. That was what everybody thought in the University of Phoenix stadium, expecting Coach Pete Carroll to design a play call for Lynch to run the ball. As the Seahawks called time out, a remarkable and unbelievable catch by Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse was shown on the tube and at one time focus on Patriot QB Tom Brady forlorn face, showing a picture of dejection, an admission that a defeat to Seattle Seahawks was imminent, inevitably an ending season for them and a penultimate heartbreak for New England as the Patriots were leading until that last 26 seconds of the game, where a touchdown score by the Seahawks would have seal their fate.

That last 26 seconds of the game was like an eternal drumbeat of the hearts, reminding me of an inmate on the death row awaiting his time to be executed with a lethal injection. I admit I was so restless. As a Seattle Seahawks fan, nothing would convinced me that in a three down territory, the Seahawks would faltered and disappointingly would have also failed me. But I was wrong. Presumably, what I was expecting for the play to happen do not come in the same page with what coach Pete Carroll laconically drawn. It was a passed and I held my breath for a moment. I was worried about the interception and true to my gut feeling Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson threw the ball right through the hand of rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler. The intended wide receiver Ricardo Lockette was not even closed to the ball to make a play. After that interception, a lot of speculative conjectural theory or even conspiracy theory came out flying, that the Seattle Seahawks did not like to hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch because if the Seahawks emerged victorious, the Super Bowl MVP will be given to him. And at time of his impending free agent status, his agent will command higher fees. But for me, I don’t buy nor believe all those shenanigan rumors or even accusation that the Seahawks were trying to sabotage the great performances of Marshawn Lynch.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was just second guessing everyone watching the game. He was trying to show to the football world that he is a genius. He like to change the play call abandoning the running game and instead gamble of throwing the ball to defy the anticipation of so many that the ball is not to be handed to Marshawn Lynch. That play call backfire on coach Pete Carroll and for that worst call in the history of football, he was crucified, criticized and ostracized to what would be a lifetime lapses of judgment and memories of a blunder decision that will carve a lingering scars needing a healing mentality for him to recover in time for the opening of a new football season.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – The Unwilling Pugilist

Written By: Rex Solano - Jan• 29•15

In one of the Aesop’s fable story, I read about a shepherd boy who was sitting on the hillside watching a flock of sheep, when out of amusement and curiosity he devised a trickery scheme by yelling wolf. Villagers came to his rescue only to find out that there was no wolf. When the wolf actually appeared, he yelled wolf again, this time so loud only to be ignored by the villagers. The following morning, the villagers discovered that the shepherd boy was indeed telling the truth as dead bodies of the sheep scattered on the hilltop. One of the villagers gave the shepherd boy advice “never tell a lie. Nobody believes a liar even when he is telling the truth.”

Now if we have to ascribe and learn anything in relation to the story about the boy crying wolf, a boxer by the name of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. would perfectly fit in that story as well. However, I will not call him a liar just yet. Only his demeanor and behavior, at times so loquacious and arrogant are doubtfully hard to fathom and understand. He taunted and teased Manny Pacquiao so many times about the mega fight that was supposed to happen- only to renege or back down to his unfulfilled promised like challenging Manny Pacquiao to fight on May 2, leaving all the boxing followers frustrated and in a chagrined mood. What made Floyd Mayweather, Jr. so elusive by avoiding fighting Manny Pacquiao is beyond any comprehensible reason that sometimes it behooves me to ever think if any fight will one day come to fruition. For all the boxing fans throughout the world, to dream and to hope of any fight happening in the future is nothing but a kiss in the wind.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a good fighter, so good that he will not command a very impressive wins of 47-0, 26 by knockout if boxing fans thinks he is not deserving of such accomplishments. Maybe, yes maybe that is one of the reasons why Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is always avoiding fighting Pacquiao because Mayweather, Jr. continues to preserve that strings of 47 wins, undefeated in all his fights, so that he will be immortalized and his name to be chronicled in the history of boxing as the greatest. Whether Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is a smart fighter or a plain coward, so afraid to absorb defeat at the hands of Manny Pacquiao has now become a swan song to regrettably forget. His father Mayweather, Sr. had brazenly admitted by dangling a repulsive warning to his son Floyd Jr. that he has no chance to beat a southpaw opponent like Manny Pacquiao. His father must have been a good boxing analyst as he seems to know Floyd Junior’s vulnerable weakness. Even Floyd Jr.’s uncle Roger Mayweather had told Floyd Jr. that Manny Pacquiao is like a “bullet proof” boxer in the ring and went as far as comparing Manny to being like an exterminator that would destroy him if ever their path would cross in the ring. The most telling blows that would have derided and ridiculed Floyd Mayweather Junior’s boxing reputation is the comment made by Top Rank promoter Bob Arum himself calling Mayweather ” Chicken.” That Mr. Arum in believing so must have instilled fear and cowardice right through the heart of Floyd Jr. that to avoid any encounter in the ring with Manny Pacquiao is to preserve his long time legacy of having an unblemished boxing records, untarnished and undefeated.

We all know the fact that money is not a problem here or even any contractual disagreement. Promoters are willing to offer him 120 million or even 200 million as long as Mayweather Jr. gives a go signal that he is ready to rumble with Pacquiao. All that the promoters are waiting for is Floyd Junior’s signature to the point as it appeared now that even a pen has its ink runs dry. But as a World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association Welterweight Champion, Mayweather Jr. has the responsibility and obligation to defend his title and yet Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is so adamant to make this happen. If Floyd, Jr. keeps on making excuses and avoiding fighting Manny Pacquiao, I dread the time will come that there will be no fight happening between this two good fighters. What Mayweather, Jr. is doing in the eyes of his boxing fans, is demeaning the moral values and the turpitude of the boxing world. As it stands now and in so many occasions, Floyd Jr. breaks the true spirit of the boxing fans and destroyed the integrity as well. If Floyd Jr. keeps on refusing to fight Manny Pacquiao, the respect and admiration that boxing fans plausibly bestowed on him will soon diminish losing all the luster and glory of his brilliant boxing career. I just cannot ascertain and grasp his rational intention by displaying his unsportsmanlike behavior and peddling his unselfish motives for the boxing fans to adjudicate on his personality. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has all the chances to prove the boxing world that he can easily beat Manny Pacquiao but he turns his back at this opportunity and he keeps on crying wolf, though at times he is telling the truth but no one will even believe him now.

Will The Death Penalty Help Deter Crimes?

Written By: Rex Solano - Jan• 05•15

Anytime a heinous crime is committed, immediately we surmised the thoughts of imposing a stiffer penalty to put a stop to all these rampaging criminal activities happening in our country. Advocate supporters will openly voice their opinions that it is time to bring back the death penalty in order to instill and spread fears to evil-minded criminals, especially those who are dealing with drugs and those who have no regards of the judicial system. And so the question is, should we bring back the death penalty and if it does, will the death penalty really help deter crimes?

One of the proponents of bringing back the death penalty law is Philippine Senator Vicente ” Tito” Sotto. He filed a bill for the return of the death penalty that which specifically single out only big time drug trafficking in the country. As of this writing, the bill is still pending before the Committee on Constitution Amendments. Whether it will be passed or not, I am having a reservation about this death penalty bill for one reason, once inmates are put to death, they are taught precisely nothing because they are no longer alive to learn from it Depriving inmates of any second chance renders to them, like to feel remorse and ask forgiveness, will cognitively hampers the act of attrition, thus making it impossible to rehabilitate and reform these criminals given our theoretical analysis that due to circumstantial desperation acts have forced these notorious criminals to lead an evil and sinful life. True, someone will ask, what about the victims? When will a fair justice accorded to them and when will their emotional pain ever end? We all know that we are living in a cruel world with different perspective and aspect of how we deal our lives. I know that it is without question, one of the most delicate and sensitive issue that will profoundly gravitate the social surroundings and pragmatically change the tenets’ lives of the Filipino people. The invariable reasoning of so many people, along with the grave concern and the caring of human rights by Senator Sotto about the lives of innocent victims, has been personified and compromised with discord. It also has roils and divides the sentiments, views and opinions to those who believed that the enactment of the death penalty into law will surely be met with opposition.

I personally admit that I am a proponent of pro-life and an anti-abortionist because I believe that all living human beings equally being created under the imaged of God have every reason to socially perform their rights to live on earth that God had built for us. We cannot be too judgmental based solely on our own emotions, the impetus of being mad and then insuperably keeps that hatred in our heart merely because of the rampant killings prevalently happening in our society today. For myself, I would like to see all the criminal activities be stopped and punished the culprits who brings alarming furor of fears to the people’s lives, but not at the expense of restoring or resuscitating the death penalty, at a cost of someone giving up his life. Granting that the death penalty will become a law, do we think that it will deter and lessen the criminal activities in our society?

I once read the blog of David M. Spotts and he said that “it is a shame that in our great nation we still reduce ourselves to the eye for eye technique of retribution.” It is a strong message to all proponents of death penalty that we cannot put the law in our own hands and then in turn be the judge of another’s fate. Ohio base lawyer David Spotts also claims “the fact is that people can make errors, and people are in control of issuing the death penalty.” The world that we all live in is not perfect itself. Even our judicial system is flawed and to arrive at the decision of a guilty verdict, one has first to prove the guilt beyond reasonable doubts that a crime was indeed committed. Our society is separated with the knowledge that only the rich people have the luxuries of battling the justice system. The poor people who cannot afford to hire good lawyers would languish in jail, and this for me is unfair. We had come across some criminal cases where the alleged suspects were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. And worse yet some suspects were even tortured and forced into confessing the crime that they vehemently denied doing it. Is this what the proponent of death penalty is asking to incarcerate innocent victims and face cruel death? We were not given an axiom of proven facts in our judicial system and the principle of ethical standard that if we restore the death penalty, will it give us peace in life and freedom from any threat and peril that our lives are well protected? Sometimes these people who are committing crimes are pressured into acts of desperation and the necessities in life to survive by providing foods to feed their family.

Death penalty is not the solution of why so many killings are taking place in our modern society. It is the lack of jobs, unemployment problems and those Drug Lords trying to enrich themselves posing as a threat to the daily existence of individuals. The epidemic ills of crimes in our society is not determined by the effectiveness of the restoration of death penalty, but the contagion fears and worries of the Filipinos in general as to where the condition of their livelihood will lead them to, in the foreseeable future. If a person is unemployed, it will always be a tremendous burden for the breadwinner to meet all the necessities needed to provide foods for his family. The equilibrium of life just really outweigh the others and rightfully so, because only the extremely poor people are being perceived to be susceptible of committing the heinous crimes. It is with sad regret to note that some of these people are joining the gang syndicates due to impoverish conditions in life and other reasons that only them can comprehend. They have no fear and are not afraid of the stricter law. The circumstantial unfairness and hardship in life have leads these people to engage in nefarious criminal activities. We only hope that history and cultural diversity of life will teach them a lesson to learn and give these so called criminals every reason to be afraid, not by death penalty, but by the Law of God and God’s judgment of the atrocious and monstrous acts these criminal have committed on earth.

Beliefs Beyond Reasons

Written By: Rex Solano - Dec• 16•14


US Marine PFC Pemberton Once Was One Of A Few Good Men

Written By: Rex Solano - Oct• 30•14

There is something amiss about the murder case of transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer “Laude. The culprit in the murder case was pointing to the alleged suspect US Marine PFC Pemberton as the killer based on the testimony of the witnesses. However, I am not as comfortable as anyone who would suggest that PFC Pemberton is the person of interest here. I had doubts with the principal witness’ testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on how the murder of Jennifer really occurred at the Celzone Lodge on Magsaysay Boulevard. Let us refresh our memories and re-enact the sequences of event leading to the murder of Jennifer.

On Saturday night of October 11, transgenders Jeffrey ” Jennifer” Laude and Mark Clarence “Barbie” Gelviro were having ice tea at the Ambyanz Disco bar. They met the four Marines at the said bar and one of them identified as PFC Pemberton hit it off with Jennifer and agreed to go out heading to Celzone lodge. According to Barbie’s testimony, Jennifer asked if she could accompany them to Celzone Lodge in order to watch and protect her friend Jennifer. But one of the reasons Barbie followed them to Celzone lodge was with the intent and one purpose in mind; to steal the 25,000 pesos that the sister of Jennifer claimed was in her possession, before she was killed and now was missing. At around 10:45 PM, the CCTV footage was showing PFC Pemberton, Jennifer and Barbie checked in at Room 1. But while inside Room 1, Jennifer told Barbie to leave because PFC Pemberton might suspect that they were transgender. Then at 11:30, Barbie came out of Room 1, and while going downstairs, Barbie met the Filipino guest, supposedly an acquaintance and joined him in Room 5. How strange!

Now let us read the testimony of Elias Galamos, the cashier at Celzone lodge and also among the witnesses, told the Senate committee and I quote that ” he saw PFC Pemberton go out of Room 1, leaving the lodge less than an hour after he checked in with Laude.

Galamos said he had noticed that Pemberton left the door of Room 1 open, prompting him to check if there was still somebody inside. Upon entering the room, he noticed that someone was still inside the restroom thus he decided to close the door and leave.
Galamos came back after 30 minutes to check on the remaining guest of the room but nobody answered when he knocked on the door.
The witness said he decided to enter the room to see if the guest was still there and discovered that Laude was unconscious, the victim’s head submerged in the toilet bowl. He then went to Room 5 and told Gelviro what he saw.”

Now the questions we all asked:

If indeed PFC Pemberton killed Jennifer, why did the front desk not hear any screaming, commotion, any loud bangs, or even a thud to indicate that a murder was taking place, when in fact the front desk is right across or nearby Room 1?
If a person commits a crime, why would he leave the door open, did not even suggest any such criminal behavior to cover up the killing and casually walked downstairs? Or even yet, after PFC Pemberton left, Elias Galamos checked the room and he heard the sound of the water running indicating someone is still inside. Who could that be? Is Jennifer still alive or did someone go inside Room 1, kill Jennifer, then within the 30 minutes period, Elias Galamos came back to check the room and found out Jennifer was dead?

What was Barbie doing hanging around in Room 5? Who was that Filipino guest Barbie met downstairs? And when Elias Galamos reported to Barbie that Jennifer was unconscious, she quickly went to Room 1 and when she discovered Jennifer was dead, she panicked and blurted out that 25,000 pesos was missing. How did she know that the money was missing and then accosted the three Marine friends of PFC Pemberton telling them “your friend killed my friend?

The key here is to watch CCTV footage if anyone re-entered Room 1, at the time PFC Pemberton left and the time Elias Galamos checked the room 30 minutes after. It was very clear in Elias Galamos testimony that someone was still in Room 1, after PFC Pemberton left because of the sound of the water running indicating someone is still using the toilet.

We can create a scenario and establish our own investigative report or a devised version of this murder case but clearly I smelled something really fishy about this murder case. The police report indicates that stealing is the motive. Do we think PFC Pemberton will kill someone for a mere 25,000 pesos? Why would a man willingly jeopardize his military career? Or why would PFC Pemberton leave traces of evidence like the semen and 2 condoms carelessly disposed in a garbage can? I would say that PFC Pemberton was a fall guy here and has been framed. Detained now in a restricted facility inside the Army Headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, PFC Pemberton the accused in this murder case is presumed innocent until proven guilty and he has not formally been charged. PFC Pemberton had enlisted in the US Marine Corps as one of “ A few good men.” and I believe he still is. When the police report gathers all evidences and submit their findings, we will have a clearer picture who the real culprit is, and the killer of Jeffrey “ Jennifer” Laude in this murder case.

An Invitation To Death

Written By: Rex Solano - Oct• 22•14

What if Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude had been honest to herself by divulging her true sexual identity admitting to PFC Pemberton that she is a transgender or had she not led a life of lies, deception and chicanery, would there be any fortuity or probable chance that she will be alive today? The burden of the crime committed by Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, a member of the United States Marine Corps does not warrant him to be rebuked nor to be solely faulted for the killing of Jennifer Laude. It takes two to tango and there was a culpable contributing factor on the part of the victim by covering her true identity through way of deceit by masquerading as a female. We don’t really know what happened on that fateful night of October 11 at the Celzone hotel. We can only build an argument and for good measures, sympathize with Jennifer and reprobate PFC Pemberton for his action. But the question here in this murder case is, what triggered PFC Pemberton, the perpetrator to commit such a heinous crime ending the life of Jennifer? I read some articles of the columnist and every one of them were merely writing in a speculative way, supposition and conjectural theory of how Jennifer met her bizarre and gruesome death. I could only assume that Jennifer was killed because when PFC Pemberton found out that Jennifer was a transgender, he refused to pay for the service. Imagine what a big disappointment that was on the part of PFC Pemberton that a “sexual delight” had turned out to be a “horny-fying” frustration to not able to sexually engage in his desirable moment of chance. And when Jennifer found out that she will not get any payment from PFC Pemberton, an argument ensued. But little did Jennifer know that PFC Pemberton is a Black Belt instructor, Karate-Judo expert and Jujitsu. I would say that Jennifer messed with the wrong Marine and thus sadly, she met her death from a man who was enraged with fury and anger. There’s no other scenario we can be able to write a script on, in this horrible tragedy but to conclude that a disappointed Pemberton was bothered with the idea that Jeffrey also known as Jennifer was trying to ridicule and mock his macho image. Or perhaps, Pemberton did not also like the idea that he was tricked and cheated. Whatever the reasons why Jennifer was murdered we can only sympathize that a life was lost and perhaps the career of a young enlisted man who could have had a bright future in the United States Marine Corps is now “kaput’ to the sadness and heartache of his family back in America.
Filipinos have a penchant mood of getting too emotional over the death of Jeffrey also known as Jennifer. Critics and dissenters or even anti-Americans immediately called for the scrap of the Visiting Force Agreement ( VFA) without studying the impact and consequence that may come about to their own people. President Aquino was right and I agreed with him that the “sin of one person should not be reflective of his entire country.” History was already written that in the year 1992 when the Armed Forces of United States departed Subic Bay, so many people in Olongapo had complained about the changes of their livelihood. As the Subic Bay mayor said ‘ marami pong nagugutom ” ( Too many people were hungry) The Filipino people need the American presence in the Philippines especially now that a neighboring country like China keeps on bullying the Philippines in its own quest of taking over the Spratly island. Name any other country that is quick to respond when Philippines are devastated with typhoons, flood and other sort of calamities. Americans being a helpful, generous and compassionate nation always stands by its allies willing to safeguard and protect the welfare of its friendly nation. The death of Jennifer however, had not lessened nor threatened the national security of the Philippines. After the murder of Jennifer, the populace of Subic Bay found out those restaurants, disco and karaoke bars and other business establishments had turned into a ghost town. Military personnel were not allowed to share and spend their last dollars in the busiest nightlife of Subic Bay. Oh yes, Filipinos might have mourned the death of Jennifer, but then again, what about the people of Subic Bay who also are deprived of their livelihood in the event the Philippine government has to abrogate the VFA? The spurious moments of anger will linger for as long as we mourn the death of Jennifer, but let us not be too emotional and get carried away by prostituting the freedom and democracy of our own people. The crime committed by PFC Pemberton does not constitute the willful deprivation or even implicate other means of living for the Filipino people to sever ties with United States by abrogating the VFA but strictly, expeditiously and decisively, the Philippine Court must act and seek justice for the death of Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, and justifiably only for that purpose.

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