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Our Commitments To The Words- ” New And Change”

Written By: Rex Solano - Jan• 05•17

Happy New Year is what we always chanted whenever we conveyed our greetings to our family, relatives, and friends about the beginning of the new year. It is a yearly tradition celebrated or observed around the world. But what is it all about and what does it really mean to us? Are we ready to prepare ourselves to make some changes toward the coming of the year 2017, like rectifying the errors we made in the past or shall we change our behaviors and attitudes by trying to be pleasant to others? Cogitatively, I have doubts about it. We are only pressed upon to follow the so-called tradition of celebrating the changes of New Year 2017, which is too frivolous for others, given an example, like a politician who made all those promises about change and once getting elected, a discomfit of miserable lives, are thrust upon its citizens. Even with the likes of the ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terrorizing the ever tenet lives of innocent inhabitants, I do not think the ISIS will allude or commit themselves to the word –change. With their evil minds always come cruel intentions. We would never attain peace and a quiet life anytime the terrorists, the ISIS, continue to spread terrors to the people of all nations. This is the kind of change that we like to see in the coming year that the terrorist or the ISIS will stop decapitating innocent people. Hoping with the beginning of 2017, people of all races will change. It is with fervor, heartiness and dutiful obligation that we must unite, cherish all our dreams and hopes that mankind will attain lasting peace and freedom for this is what change is all about. It is of interest to note, that in the midst of our ever longing and desires for prosperity, positive outlooks in life, and opportunities, we are challenged to the tasked of making well of our commitments. We can transform and reform ourselves with all the changes imposed heartily upon our lives, only if we make a commitment to change.

For all the trending stories I have heard, and the superstitions that come along with it, never in my entire life have I had the luxury of enjoying what I had been wishing all those years. I don’t really believe in superstition but a fool as I was acting to be, once the clock strikes midnight, we were all ready to bang and pound those pots and pans, believing it will drive the devil away; we also wore dotted shirts and bought all those round fruits with great anticipation that it will bring us financial prosperity. Sometimes we keep money in our pockets believing also that through all the year, we will never run out of money. To me, this is pure nonsense! I will not go as far as spending all those hard earned money to buy fireworks and firecrackers with one purpose in mind, to get rid of bad luck and drives those devils from misfortunes or that were cursed upon us. The irony about these; however, is the fact that believers are so fixated to drive bad luck away has instead brought revelers to its miserable condition as they sustained injuries like losing an index finger, burns, and scarring their legs and the devils for all we know were probably laughing at how these diverse and cultural tradition became such a farce

For so many years I have celebrated the New Year Eve without believing and following all those superstitious beliefs. I have fully come to my senses that we just have to be practical and deal the reality of life with what God has in store for us. In no time at all, the year 2018 will be upon us. For this New Year 2017 let us all make some changes for the betterment of our nation. Let us open our human hearts with much love, care and compassion. Think about the human values that will endear and preserve the lives of others. This year 2017 is about change and a new beginning. It is about our commitment. It’s about the freedom of choice and the decision we make that which will ultimately lead our lives to the path of goodness and righteousness so that we will all be living in a peaceful, harmonious, and wonderful world.

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