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Of Doubts, Uncertainties And Suspicions

Written By: Rex Solano - Dec• 12•16

We all have doubts and suspicion regarding the presidential victory of Donald Trump over the erstwhile favorite Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. It’s hard to believe or even to imagine that a presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton who was leading in all surveys, exit polls and owning a lot of massive endorsements would lose the election in an unbelievable fashion, at times so cruel and painful to bear, even so unjustified and quite very demeaning, a disappointment in our worst feeling of anticipation that has now strikes the core of everyone’s mind, how the American people’s faith in the electoral system were perfidiously tested and compromised.

Hillary Clinton won the popular votes by a stunning margin of over close to 3 million votes. Donald Trump won the electoral votes 306 to Hillary Clinton’s 232. Somehow the popular votes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump electoral votes to me do not make any sense at all. The disparity and gaps did not quite measure to the will of the American voters.These electoral systems need to be examined and thoroughly scrutinized. There is a flaw and needs to be looked at with great concern.

I would not write any bad stuff about Donald Trump. As true to his campaign promised that he likes to lead America the way he envisioned making it a great nation, so be it. But let us spare the American people, the unconscionable and agonizing feeling of guilt that Donald Trump indeed won the presidency, fair and square. Also don’t let us give any reasons to cast a shadow of doubts, uncertainty and suspicion over the legitimacy of his victory; that the result of this year’s election was not illegally stolen with “the aid of interference by a hostile foreign dictatorship” as claimed in an article written by James DeVinne.

If it is to be believed that the Russian hackers interfered with the presidential election, then America as a nation must act to protect this country, the world and its people from further future intervention by a hostile foreign country. Nobody wants a sitting president whose victory was tainted and questionable, casting a doubt of suspiciously deceptive acts.

Have the American people spoken? I believe so. With protest and riots sweeping parts of the nation, I would say and as I observe, that the voices of the American people do not resonate well to the outcome of the presidential election. Again there are doubts and suspicion riding on everyone’s minds that there indeed were frauds and anomalous, even some discrepancies committed, resulting for Jill Stein to file a recount in the state of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

As of now, presidential-elect Donald Trump is assembling his transition teams even before the Electoral College handed and finalized its crucial decision on December 19. For Hillary Clinton’s supporters, there are great expectations and of mighty hopes that Clinton will win this one. If the CIA’s findings are proven to be true that Russian hackers interfered and helped in making Donald Trump win the presidency, the Electoral College when they voted on December 19, have no choice nor any second thoughts but to vote for Hillary Clinton as mandated by the popular votes she garnered in the last general election.

Well as former basketball coach Dick Motta would remind us all, “The Opera isn’t over till the fat lady sings.”

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