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Mom & Q FoodVentures: Forty Carrots

Written By: Quincy - Dec• 12•15

For our FoodVentures today, Mom and I took a stroll down the newly opened Ewa Wing Expansion at Ala Moana Center.


Ewa Wing Expansion

The Ewa Wing Expansion includes the opening of a 167,000 square-foot Bloomingdale’s department store, large format retailers, dining, entertainment, 200,000 square feet of inline retailers and an additional 1,000 parking spaces in the Mauka Ewa Parking Structure. The project will also include the opening of a 186,000 square-foot Nordstrom department store and a 47,000 square-foot Foodland Farms in 2016.



The (already) largest outdoor mall in Hawaii extended their shops out further to make room for Bloomingdale’s, the first for the department store in Hawaii.

We made our way through the mall and to the restaurant Forty Carrots.  The decor was modern and the open space made it inviting for patrons to dine in.

IMG_8088 IMG_8089

With the usual outing for Mom and Q FoodVenutres we get/share a drink, a main dish and, if available, a dessert. A part of the dinner that stood out the most for me was opening the menu. The names of the dishes weren’t what you would find at a typical fancy restaurant!

Mom’s Drink: Chee-hoo – Spinach, Carrot, Beet, Cucumber, Parsley

My Drink: Purple Haze – Frozen Yogurt, Honey, Skim Milk, Raspberries (I just realized the name after I left the restaurant LOL)


Grilled Chicken and Green Papaya Wrap – Hirabara Farms Romaine, Pecorino, Kale, Sea Asparagus, Chervil Ranch

Momchong – Quinoa Salad Tzatziki Yogurt Dressing Cucumber and Tomato Micro-Cilantro


I enjoyed my drink (I even got two of them). Mom didn’t particularly like hers, “tasted like grass” both of us said!

The price point was high but that’s probably because it was inside Bloomingdale’s.

The waiter was pretty funny. Very local Hawaiian sounding. He also referenced, “Jimmy Hendricks” when I got my drink, but I obviously didn’t get the hint. It really hit me when I was checking ingredients to write this blog and then I realized what Purple Haze!!! meant.

The hostess in the front were went on to say, “we added Cannabis to your drink!” WTF! Haha


Anyway, the decor was nice. It was very fitting of the name “Forty Carrots”… definitely a place to try out (but I’ll say that for every place we go too ;))

Until next FoodVentures!


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