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Mom & Q FoodVentures: Cafe Grace

Written By: Quincy - Jan• 05•16

Today for our FoodVentures, we went to the Imperial Plaza where a new take on bagels is born at Cafe Grace by LOX of Bagels.


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Cafe Grace is a nice delight that surprises you almost immediately by not serving the conventional sandwich bread for melts, sandwiches, and pastries.

What do they use?  You guessed it – the bagel.

They pay particular attention to detail on the freshness of their ingredients and although I’ve been here quite a few times, it was the first time for Mom and me to discover a new FoodVenture!

Mom and I started off with our usual order of drinks, shared our main dish AND (who could forget) dessert.  Let’s see how the play-by-play for Cafe Grace went down.

Mom’s Drink: Plantation Ice Tea (The tea was met with a, “I had better!”)

My Drink:  Mocha Thai with 5 shots of espresso…I know poor body. LOL



Tuna Avo Melt: Tuna Melt with Avocado, Tomato, and Cheddar

Asian Duck Sandwich: Asian Duck Breast served with house made peanut satay dip and a side of quinoa (remember quinoa from our last FoodVenture?)


Mom usually doesn’t like the spiciness of certain foods but the duck comes with a real nice flavor-full peanut sauce that fits the dish perfectly.  Mom took a chance and spread the peanut sauce like mayonnaise on the bagel breaded sandwich.  Actually, it was the first time I saw that done.  Maybe it’ll become a thing!

The Asian Duck sandwich is probably one of the freshest duck sandwiches you’ll ever find.  Guaranteed.  I’m not even lying.  Mom and I joked that we thought that they killed the duck in the back and made it right then and there.  Sorry Donald!  However the freshness is there and they trimmed away a lot of the unwanted fat (since duck can be quite a fatty meat).

Enough duck! Let’s move on. As you can see by the picture of the Tuna Avo Melt words cannot even describe this delectable one-of-a-kind sandwich.  It has fresh avocados, nicely warmed up tuna, melted cheddar cheese all on a toasted bagel bun.  If your mouth is watering right now, you don’t have to hide it.  Believe me, my mouth is watering just typing this sentence!


When it comes to freshness and quality, by far, Cafe Grace hits the spot!  This is a Mom and Q FOODVENTURE THUMBS UP AND OFFICIAL APPROVAL (well, aside from the plantation ice tea).

Oh wait, did I forget…dessert!?  So, they have an incredible Guara Strawberry Bagel Puff (image to the bottom right) that is talked about at Cafe Grace and even unseen in most bakeries.  It is a strawberry pink bagel shaped into a puff-like pastry filled with creamy guava strawberry filling.  Yummy? It truly is.


Today was a great impromptu adventure for Mom and I.  It reall wasn’t planned but as luck would have it, we had a chance to enjoy the time we spent at Cafe Grace (not like last time where we attempted to go but the cafe was closed at 4 pm).  So, be sure to get there early!  Hope you enjoyed reading about the delicious flavors of Cafe Grace!

Till next FoodVenture!

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