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” May We Rest In Peace”

Written By: Rex Solano - Jan• 14•18

The influxes of what goes on in our minds are self-serving opinionated thoughts tinkered with the ideas of curiosity in hands. I was curious and until now I am still curious as to what this proverbial saying “rest in peace” really means to us. When someone dies, we extend our condolences, our thoughts and prayers but the most common phrase that sympathizers always convey is, “may he or she rest in peace.” How do we justify the conveyance of our sympathy by saying may he or she rest in peace when in reality we don’t know if that person whom we extend our sympathy is a criminal, a bad person, a rapist or what else we can pile up on his personal character? When a person dies, truthfully he or she knew nothing. He or she just slumbers in the dust of the earth. His or her soul will be separated from their bodies and then at the time of judgment day, God will judge the living and the dead. We are deceived of the thoughts and beliefs that once we die we will rise from the dead after 3 days. Not so! What the sympathizers really meant is that the dead person will rest in peace to get rid of all the worries, the burdens and the sacrifices the person must have endured while living on earth.

As a student attending at one of the best university in the Philippines, the University of Santo Tomas, I posed a lot of questions in my Theology class. I was just so interestingly enamored when it came to religion class. My curiosity as to what would happen to me when I die has wandered in my mind for years. I remember asking my teacher, why are there so many religions when there is only one God? I wasn’t impressed with her answer saying in jest that the reason there are lot of religions is because they like to help spread the words of God. Then I said, “But isn’t the Catholic religion alone enough to spread the words of God?” Then she added that some religions like the Evangelist, Protestant, Seventh Adventist, are merely founded and established to generate some funding, net profits and to deceive people, twist their beliefs and in turn convince other people to change their religion in order to get more followers to worship their own religion. Maybe! Perhaps she was correct but I wasn’t sold on it. I believed, as I answered my teacher, that the reason some people changed religions was because of their beliefs and their minds were twisted enabling others to arrive at the reality of knowing and finding the truth itself. Most often than not, as my curious mind wandered in search of the right answer, had not really placated or appeased myself but to believe therefore that I will holy place my faith and belief directly to God.

We can more or less distinguish the good from the bad. Some say the good person will go straight to heaven while the bad person will languish in either purgatory or hell, but this is not true. We still can save ourselves through remorse and repentance or even if we die suddenly and unexpectedly, we still can go to heaven through prayers and mass intentions like a person who is celebrating on his or her birthday, at the coming of the death anniversary and during all Souls day. That is how fair God is, so forgiving, so loving that sinners are given ultimate chances to recompense themselves so that their souls will be saved.

Well folks I am not a priest nor a pastor but my curiosity about how our lives are judged upon the time of death has given me all the reason to be a true follower of God because as my mother kept on telling me that to live here on earth is only but a temporal domain. When God lays down His judgment to all mankind, whether he or she is good or bad, that is what will determine the fates of our souls if ever we have a place in heaven, purgatory, or in hell.

If people are well educated enough to know the consequences as to what would happen to our souls after death, then we wouldn’t have these criminals ravaging the innocent lives of others. We wouldn’t have all these robbers and thieves rummaging into someone’s properties and livelihood killing in the process those who have kindred intentions to be worthwhile citizens living on earth. Yet to be dealing with our lives here on earth is so unfair. A destitute person handicap due to poverty will always commit a crime because to him it is a matter of survival. But didn’t God suppose to be fair to all of us? He has given us the hands, legs, eyes, ears and brains in order for us to make good use of our senses. Either it is the case of being so lazy, lack of initiative and motivation that some people are making it easier for them to have an easy way out at the expense of the fortunate ones. And for that they have forgotten and disregarded the meaningful phrase by saying strictly –may he or she rest in peace-, making a mockery, to which it conjures and refute the theoretical explanations, if all human beings whether good or bad are treated alike or deserving to have an eternal rest in peace after death?

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