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Manny Pacquiao’s Last Fight Was Muddled With Controversy

Written By: Rex Solano - Jul• 10•17

There were so many conjectural speculations, accusations and intriguing issues prompting us to ask what really happened on July 1, Saturday night (Sunday in Brisbane, Australia) where WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao lost his title in a stunning unanimous decision to challenger Jeff Horn. A friend of mine told me that Manny Pacquiao was robbed of a victory. Others opined their thoughts and opinions that it was a hometown decision. However, what was more unbelievably painful, disdainful perhaps was the verdict rendered by three ringside judges, scoring the fight 117-111, 115-113 and 115-113, all in favor of Jeff Horn. When the decision was announced, I yelled at the top of my voice that the fight was rigged and that Manny Pacquiao, for my own reason, indeed was set up. If anyone remembers the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, Jr., it was almost similar in any given circumstances that Manny Pacquiao also lost in that fight. Right after the fight, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum declared that a rematch was in order for Timothy Bradley to defend his title. Now the same scenario is happening again to Manny Pacquiao’s last fight with Jeff Horn. If it is really true what promoter Bob Arum had declared that there was a clause for a rematch with Jeff Horn, then it is up to Manny Pacquiao to take up to the challenge. However, so many naysayer and his boxing followers as well, that at his age of 38, it was time for Manny Pacquiao to quit boxing and hang up the gloves for good and served full-time as Philippine senator.

In my own honest personal opinion, I don’t think he will retire just yet. The defeat he absorbed at the hand of Jeff Horn and the unanimous decision rendered by the three judges was to me so painful and distressing to bear that to quit now is nothing but to relinquish his pride and respect that he needed to regain. Manny Pacquiao knew that he was robbed of all the honor, dignity and the glory he would have love to share with his Filipino boxing fans. I knew too deep in my heart that he won. I had the same scores like what the ESPN was flashing on the screen. I had Manny Pacquiao ahead by two points, it was four points after the 9th round but for some reason in the latter stage of round ten and eleven, Manny Pacquiao was just going to the motion thinking probably that he won. Even referee Mark Nelson assigned to the fight was not helpful at all, why he did not give a warning to Jeff Horn about his dirty strategy of throwing a cross punch with Horn’s elbow hitting Pacquiao’s head. Also there was no warning about the head butt and for reasonable measure should have deducted a point from Jeff Horn. Yet this did not happen.

The title fight was over a week old now and we are still hearing from boxing fans that Manny Pacquiao at the age of 38 are calling for him to retire. For me I will not entertain that idea. Why would anyone in their right mind will ask Manny Pacquiao to retire if it is true to their own belief and conviction that Pacquiao, indeed, was the true winner of that fight? If I were Manny Pacquiao, I will honor the rematch clause in his contract in order to dispel any notion and to prove to those who watch the boxing match that he actually won the fight. Money is not a question here. Manny is already super rich. This is neither a lust for more money nor a coveteouness of being greedy. It is that unfairness and the controversial unanimous decision rendered by the three judges looming over his head that ultimately has instill a haunting legacy to his illustrious boxing career. For the last time of his fight if the rematch with Jeff Horn ever happens, he needs to win back the pride, honor and respect that were once personified as a symbol throughout the reigning of his boxing career.

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