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Manny Pacquiao’s Biblical Interpretation

Written By: Rex Solano - Feb• 24•16

Unbelievable!!! So incredible that a merely pragmatic view expressed by boxing icon Manny Pacquiao calling LGBT ( Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) worse than animals has now become a trending controversial issue that probably will postpone his upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley and jeopardize his chance to win a senate seat in an upcoming election. The timing of Manny Pacquiao spreading inflammatory comment has strikes a chord at the hearts of those he had insidiously offended especially the LGBT communities whose dignity and fundamental human rights were trampled like a rag doll kids keenly cherished and embraced. The LGBT were soundly put in defensive moods questioning the personal view of 8 times Division champion Manny Pacquiao, who little have the LGBT had known and soon forgotten was the pride, honor, glory, and joy Manny Pacquiao brought to their country. However, anytime we let out fomenting words that are too harsh and hurtful to take, vehemently wounding their pride, ego and even one’s personal character, it rebelled repulsively and revolted with defiant defending their way of life and the freedom of choice the LGBT had made to be part and comingle in our social world. We cannot deny, disavow and repudiate their fundamental human rights, and we don’t judge them according to the sexual preference they so had committed to lead their lives as long as they search for the Lord and has a moral obligation to make a difference in our normal way of living.

Though I believed that Manny Pacquiao in all conscience and for the sake of me had spoken freely according to his belief and probably had found the truth by reading and quoting the Holy Scriptures, Manny Pacquiao is neither a judge nor an interpreter of the Law of God. Manny Pacquiao can look around in the midst of his sights, and he can witness rampant killings, rapist lurking everywhere to satiate their sexual desires and world leaders who like to control other nations, at the very least, the LGBT communities have contributed so significantly to the betterment of other’s people lives. Though some people kept on saying that Manny Pacquiao was taken his inflammatory remarks out of context, and just commenting on a Biblical quote, the irreparable harms that stricken the sensitivities of the LGBT communities are now beyond repair as indelible impressions of the words spoken will leave an ugly scar in their hearts. Even if Manny Pacquiao did apologize, the repercussion and the consequence would carry over till election time. As I said, the timing of letting out ill-advised remarks was done unfavorably and harmfully at the outset where Manny supposedly campaign to induce electorates to vote for him instead of cutting like a knife the very core of the hearts of the LGBT whose contributions in our social world, we do humbly seek.

As a boxing fan of Manny Pacquiao, who for so many years had followed his greatness, accomplishments and embracing the joys of his triumphs, I will not and am not the one who will condemn and crucified him for the remarks he made. Like Manny Pacquiao, the LGBT have also a life of their own. It is their choice. I will not be the one to criticize the LGBT harshly of the choices they ever made; whether it was contentiously right or despicably wrong. We cannot be discriminatory and subject them to prejudicial indifference due to sexual preferences. The LGBT are entitled to be living in this world in similar fashion as to what we needed in life, the so-called respect – to live cursively with proudness and dignity, magnifying our clear intentions on earth that all of us are created equal in the eyes of God.

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