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Is Colin Kaepernick A Disgruntled Football Player?

Written By: Rex Solano - Oct• 10•16

The trending news or the controversial issues regarding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s national protest about not standing for the national anthem will adorn our lives, not with love, friendship, and camaraderie but with hate, anger, and discontent for years to come. It’s been over a month now since the time Colin Kaepernick voiced his freedom of expression about how the minorities are being oppressed and the police brutalities in question so direly needed to scrutinize, so reprehensible at times, have made all of us looking at our nation “sugar-coated” with so much divisiveness, enmity, and rancor regarding the stance and beliefs demonstrated by others. This protest spearheaded by Colin Kaepernick reprovingly disrespecting and dishonoring our patriotic flag will linger for as long as it is tolerated and condoned by some organizations especially the San Francisco 49ers football team for which he is listed as a backup quarterback. Right now, we are facing an unhealthy society and political detraction going forward to see other athletes following suit on the stance of Colin Kaepernick that to kneel down instead of standing at the singing of the national anthem will give them ultimate justices, listen to their cries and their sentient gripes or disapproval over social inequality, police brutalities and oppressions believing it will send a strong message and generate a lot of supports from those who have been oppressed. Though I believe it is not a pretty sight to watch those athletes kneeling or raised a fist during the singing of our national anthem, explains to me thoughtfully and intelligently, if ever it helps or solves the racial tensions and how they viewed about the police force not safeguarding the welfare of its community? What is so ignominious or loathsome about Colin Kaepernick’s action and what his protest inherently is trying to relate to the American people, had instead divided this country with furor and disgust. Sometimes as a respectful and obedience citizen of this nation, I have come to wonder why they have to act so repulsive and disdainful to the country where they are a part of or had even been given all the chances and opportunities to be successful in their lives, while others have not had that sumptuous privilege to enjoy. Many people living in America does not have that luxury in life where one like Colin Kaepernick has to play, strictly football and made millions to the envy of others. If those who protest do not like how the government is being managed and conducted, then for the good measure of the law and civility, they are also given a free reign of their lives, to that so called freedom of choice to leave the country, in the same manner, they also boldly claimed that it is their constitutional rights to the freedom of expression.

Honestly, ever since Colin Kaepernick had waged a war of his stance about oppression, social inequality, and police brutality, it has really impacted my life. It changes the “landscape” of how I like to steer the direction of the road I want to take. Even now I stopped watching NFL football which for so many years had become my ultimate pastime. It has not given me the pleasure and the joy to embrace the game ever since Colin Kaepernick infused in my life the irrational rhetoric of how his protest can be so demeaning and degrading to the conscionable one who sublimely and dearly loves this country. Gone are the excitements and the celebratory moods that were once a part of me.


As I was trying to cogitatively analyze the truest sense of Colin Kaepernick action and behavior, I found it so digressing, unworthy of any praise and just so contentious. Colin Kaepernick reminds me of a disgruntled employee who became so argumentative questioning the leadership of his supervisor. At one time, Colin Kaepernick was idolized and revere because of his talent when he was a starting quarterback for San Francisco 49ers, almost leading his team to Super bowl victory. But when he lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert, his attitude and demeanor delusively changed. I just wondered if his protest not standing for the national anthem had something to do with losing his starting role as San Francisco 49ers primary quarterback. And so, if it happens, if the SF 49ers decides to give him back the starting quarterback, will he start standing for the singing of the “Star-Spangled Banner? Well, like a disgruntled employee who has an attitude problem because he was bypassed for promotion, we can also expect the same for Colin Kaepernick if given another chance by the San Francisco 49ers to name him as their starting quarterback where he was once a catalyst of a proud organization with a winning tradition.

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