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” I Do Believe “

Written By: Rex Solano - Aug• 15•16

I do believe that with the upcoming ever so important general election on November 8, I am presumptuously confident that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will emerge victorious and lead the American people to the path of righteousness and good governance. I also do believe that she will enlighten us with her fortitude, strong leadership and her visions to shape America and turn a greater nation. Hillary Clinton is a presidential candidate for the American people, who I think is more than qualified to run our country. In this coming November election, so inspired with first lady Michelle Obama’s delivery of such marvelous speech, that I have come to borrow her phrase as I would verily say delightfully that “I am also with her.’

I do believe that China, being a civilized nation will accede and concur to the fair judgment of an international tribunal in The Hague, in its ruling that their claims of South China Sea is invalid. From my own vantage point of view, if neighboring nations like Philippines, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia disputed the conflicting claims of China in the South China Sea, nothing further could resolved this matter but to abide by the international tribunal ruling. I do believe that China will acknowledge and accept the decision in an amicable and peaceful agreement by having a dialogue and bilateral talks with other nations involved.

I do believe that with the so called terrorists – terrorizing and spreading fears to the lives of innocent people, I solemnly pray that the ISIS will stop with their evil criminal minds, their nefarious criminal activities by decapitating innocent victims beyond any reasons we don’t understand. I just don’t see any advantages to their own ideology and beliefs, if ever they have gained anything to continue with their atrocious acts of terrorism. It’s senseless and despicable and to arrive at any vantage point of reasoning, the ISIS never really accomplished nothing except to lament over the hundred bodies sprawled on the ground. People have died but other human beings are born everyday. It could be endless but that is how God had created the world. Even in any job, when someone retired or an employee is terminated, there is always someone to replace them. It’s a long process for the ISIS to annihilate the world’s populations and in the end the ISIS will fail. Every morning, as soon as we wake up, comes a beginning of a new day. Life must go on and happily we move on.

I do believe that the Filipino people will continue to support the program of current president Rodrigo Duterte in his campaign to stop and eradicate illegal drug dealers who for so many years had corrupted the youths and turned decent people into heroine addicts. These illegal drug dealers have to stop. So many people lives were already destroyed and transgressed into others’ livelihood by robbing them of whatever they can steal just to support their own addictions. With the Philippines National Police ( PNP) in full force in their manhunt of drug pushers or drug users, Philippines has now become a “killing field.” I do believe that in no time at all, the Philippines will be free of all illegal drug activities and the Filipino people will soon enjoy a clean living and a healthy environment.

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