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Written By: Rex Solano - Sep• 07•13

From the land of the rising sun, to the land of the free, onto the rich oil countries in Middle East, the pork barrel scandal that rocks and shocked the Philippine nation have been the talked and cries of the Filipino people heard around the world. The Filipino people as always have been the victims of the corrupt politicians who during election time promised “heaven” and then once elected, putting their own people in misery and hell. With billions of priority development assistance fund (PDAF} going nowhere but to the coffers of the selfish and greedy politicians and their cohorts, the Filipinos found themselves with bridges not passable to cross, unfinished projects of waterways and drainage clogged up during times of flooding, structural and school buildings were constructed to substandard specifications, and not enough medications for the sick to get help and relief. With faith so feign and betrayal of trust delved in their hearts, the Filipino people had enormously suffered so long, a time for them to ventilate their outrage and discontent. With an impassive course of ironies, the Filipino people had elected these politicians with hopes and visions of their own, that they will be emancipated from the doldrums and perfidy of indigent state of livelihood. But it wasn’t meant to be as these politicians entrusted to be saviors and deliverers were the very ones who ravaged and plundered the ever tenet lives of those they had vowed to help and protect. My heart bleeds for the Filipino people, and sadly so, as the Million People March from all walks of life protested and demonstrated their outrage, irascibly bear their pains and heartaches, vents their frustrations about the abused and misused of the pork barrel funds that only the cruel, heartless and unmerciful political leaders  could have hatched to have it done. I myself have not had the fortitude to withstand the pain, to be able to sustain and “stomach” the billions of pork barrel going to the devious and unconscionable politicians who supposed to help the poorest of the poor. This is not how we become leaders of our nation. This is not how we expected politicians to behave and act, as proven true in their campaign, their pledge to provide the people a decent life and to uplift the standard of living to those they had promised to fulfill.  We have politicians who think nothing but to pad and stretch their bank accounts, enrich them by having to build a huge mansion, owning dozens of cars and properties, flaunting around with their lavish lifestyles and whatever else we can pile up on their greediness.

     The last time I visited my native land was year 2012. The name of the so called Kalibo Airport located in the province of Aklan had been changed. It was already called Kalibo International Airport. I was proud of such accomplishment. I thought to myself, this is where the appropriated funds are supposed to be allocated, and worked on legitimize project where people in the province of Aklan would then be able to benefit.  In our town of Ibajay, an old bridge was already replaced with a new bridge nodding our heads with sighs of approval. The road leading to my own town was overlaid with asphalt. It was such a good experience traveling in finely coarse roads where there were no humps and bumps. I gave my heartfelt and sincerest thanks to the Governor and Congressman of Aklan for a job well done. This is how politicians of each province are supposed to serve their constituents, and at the very least are expected of them. Now and then I had seen a lot of progresses of how Philippines are being mold to be a great nation. However, when a corrupted few politician delineated their functions for their own self-interest, we begin to tackle the most incongruous, virus and epidemic malady in the moral fiber of our social world.

 As my cousin was driving me to Niñoy International Airport to catch my flight back to Hawaii, I had a chance to witness the sordid plights of kids walking around moving vehicles dangerously trying to extend their stretching arms begging for anything a kindhearted person could give.  I was motioning to dip my hand in my right pocket to give whatever I can spare. But my cousin told me not to give because that was always a daily sights and occurrences. But I ignored my cousin and out of my pocket I gave both of them 50 pesos. My cousin admonished me for giving  them too much. But deep in my heart I felt good about what I did. It may not be true as my cousin was telling me that they will only use the money for drug and gambling, but I had a different view as I was trying to picture what they will do with the money I give, a very positive thinking that when they are hungry, they will use that money to buy food and drink. This is what I thought to expect from the politicians, to show their concern, compassion and generosity, not to trample and stomp the Filipino people out of their miseries and helplessness. How and why some politicians could be so selfish, so greedy that a million tears for the oppressed to shed and cry were not keenly at their disposal of mercy?

 This I know and I will never understand. Why some politicians would fall into the root of evil risking loss of their honor, dignity and political ambition of running for higher office? Unless they have no presidential ambition of their own, what becomes of their names and generation to follow? I felt bad, and really sad for their children’s children because the legacies of good names that they carefully shielded from the roiled of lethargic adversities are now stained and tarnished. We will never be given a clearer picture, as to why these politicians, who according to their SALN ( Statement of Assets and Liability Net worth) are very rich, really rich , would think more, desire more to enrich themselves. This does not make any sense at all to me, and for all the sufferings, the harsh life that the Filipino people might have bear to deal with, may our Almighty God lighten up the sacrifices, the pain and anguish, the discomfort and hardship that the Filipino people thus far are carrying in their hearts.

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