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Dreaming Of Christmas That Is Not ‘ White’

Written By: Rex Solano - Dec• 25•15

Today being Sunday, December 25, the entire world will pause for a moment and reflect on this significant day to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, Son of God, as we remember, His birth, His life, and His death. Christmas season is not about the tradition of giving, sharing and exchanging Christmas gifts, but the reality that we also are bound to nurture the love, family bonding and to harmonize together the union of friendship and relationship with our loved ones. It is not that we really have to prepare for the abundance of foods and enjoy with a lot of fanfare, those karaoke music and drinks but instead our ultimate desire of our sincere intentions, to rid ourselves of hatred, anger and animosities toward humanities. This is what it whisper in my heart, and gladly so, I hope will continue for years to come. And as my heart is being replenished and relished with kindness and the goodness of the Christmas spirit, I vow in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of our sins, that I would seek the divine intervention of our Lord to give me strength to erase the sadness, the loneliness, the disappointment that had stricken with rigor, the difficulty and the hardship that once consummated my life. I would also like to negate those unwelcome thoughts of my adolescent age, which has subsequently incapacitates the true vision of my future, but instead with God’s help will meets with triumphant joy and to believe therefore that not all the misfortunes and discomfort of living we sustained in our lives are essentially the same. I looked with pride and so proud in my life, sometimes beaming with smiles, that my children and grandchildren never had undergone the dispirited and inconveniences of such melancholy Christmas that I had thus far experienced. When I was at my youthful age of 14, I kept on searching for the real meaning of Christmas. So many stories were told right in our own young and innocent minds that Santa Claus is really filling our stockings with goodies when we sleep so soundly at night. That we are always ask to believe that dreaming of a White Christmas will come to fruition of reality, although what it really mean is to see the presence of the snow. I heard all the following songs, such as “O Holy Night, Joy to the World, Jingle Bell, The First Noel, Silent Night and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” but all those spiritual songs did not matter as I was caught in between reality and perplexity, trying to find the essence and the substance of its truthfulness. I knew for one fact that if we do not have any money, it’s hard to move around and disguise to feel well about ourselves. I had that experienced, and I had that moment. It may look so sad as we reminisced those moments, but that is the fact and reality in life that every humanity has to face and deal with. Always the rich people enjoy the comfort of living, and the poor though devoid of wealth are satiated with love. All too well I realized, that it is the Christmas songs that really dictated our moods, tempered with the desires of wanting and the improbability of wishing to the result of disappointment. Whenever I heard the Christmas songs, my mind drifted to the waves of my past. It had a picture of a somber mood, sadness and loneliness that wishes I am not the only unfortunate person on earth to celebrate Christmas that is void in spirit and for having an empty vision of hope. A recollection of not having a White Christmas likes what happened to me during my younger years, is just so hard to deviate and depart from the past. Time and time again as the cycle of the years keeps on reminding us about the coming of Christmas, we ought not to look back and subject ourselves of the lessons we learn from the past errors, but memories are worth remembering especially if we are determine to repeat not the histories from ever happening again. For Christmas season is something we look forward to, giving us forthright wisdom and knowledge that during this holiday, it has also given us a greater meaning and a different outlook, as we humbly seek to follow the example and the words of Jesus Christ. And above all, Christmas is a time to find peace in our hearts and hope for tomorrow.

From the Solanostories and Staffs ( Rex, Hyla, Troy, Quincy and Jessica) we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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