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Donald Sterling, The Embattled Man

Written By: Rex Solano - May• 17•14

With the Los Angeles Clippers eliminated in game 6 of the basketball playoff, maybe we can also have a closure to the Donald Sterling controversial racist case. From the very beginning, the LA Clippers basketball team never had a good thing going for them, as attested to the inappropriate manners displayed by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling on and off the basketball world of sport. Instead of supporting his own team, he stirred distractions and had taken out the limelight of what his players like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and others would have done to ultimately pursue that glorious moment of hoisting the trophy for winning the NBA title. However at the end of game 6 where the LA Clippers was trounced by the rolling Oklahoma City Thunders, I saw the forlorn faces of the LA Clippers players in a stupor state of dejection like vanquish warriors whose home territory they failed to defend. I could feel from the innermost experience of how a defeated person interacts with pain, all too well to incongruously describe their spirits were dampened, their hopes and dreams were suppressed and they incessantly hit the crossroads of pain, frustrations and disappointments. Yes, as we begun to look back to game 6 that the LA Clippers tried so gallantly and rapaciously to win the game and to be ready to ramble for a seventh game winner take all affair, but it never happened that way as the duo of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant had shown their experiences too tough to handle. It would have been a very joyful ride of momentum to see the LA Clippers go all the way to the Western Conference final to clash with the SA Spurs, had it not been muddled and roiled by real estate mogul and LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the embattled man who gained notoriety with his harmful and offensive remarks toward African-Americans.
Encumbered with difficulties of dealing with his personal character and behavior, Donald Sterling compounded his problems by letting out a tirade and personal attacks at LA Lakers Hall of Famer ” Magic’ Johnson saying to the effect, calling Magic Johnson a poor model for the kids and had done nothing for the black community. I would not go to the extent and beyond those wicked and cruel words against Magic Johnson, but for me I think that’s uncalled for and irrelevant. What has Magic Johnson done to Donald Sterling that this notorious man would spread venom of inflammatory remarks except for Magic to attend the LA Clipper games at the invitation of his ex-girlfriend model V. Stiviano? Was Donald Sterling so jealous because Sterling’s ex-girlfriend invited Magic Johnson to the game? If indeed Donald Sterling was true and sincere to his own words of admission that he is not a racist, why drag Magic Johnson to this controversial case and expose Mr. Johnson’s personal past for the entire world to know? Now banned for life in all professional sports due to his sense of insensitivity and his offensive remarks against the African-American, Donald Sterling has swallowed his pride and bent his knees for forgiveness, asking for apology for all the harm and pain he caused especially to the black community. But what do we expect from a man who apologized and asked forgiveness, and then turned around telling the television viewers at the time he was interviewed by CNN Anderson Cooper that Magic Johnson went around in every city to have sex with girl, then he catches HIV?  This is not the kind of person that an apology should be given and forgiveness is at our mercy for we all knew that he do not act accordingly as it was dictated in our society a behavior a person normally does. I don’t think he will ever change. I also don’t think that he will contribute highly to our society and make much difference to the people he socializes with. At the age of 80 years old, what he needs to reform himself is to leave everything up to God and pray directly to Him that he will be forgiven; maybe his apology will be accepted.

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