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Death Penalty, A Cruel, Barbaric And Disgraceful Punishment

Written By: Rex Solano - Feb• 05•17

I was so hesitant to write a blog about a sensitive and controversial topic that involves human lives especially those criminals and inmates whose fates are hanging in the hands of a legislative power vested in the two chambers: the upper chamber of the Senate and the lower chamber of the House of Representatives. I have read an article regarding the bringing back of the death penalty in the Philippines with grave concern, and it strikes my heart with sadness that we allow the legislators, once the bill becomes a law, the executioner of a man’s fate. So often, when one of our fellowmen is sentenced to die in another country, we begged for their lives, why now, do the Legislators become so aggressive in its stance to end the life of their very own? For me, this does not make sense at all. Life imprisonment is sufficient to punish the evil-doers and criminals, at least it will benefit them for chances to reform themselves, repent and ask for forgiveness, recompense to society the crimes they committed. When we put inmates to death, they are taught precisely nothing because they are no longer alive to learn from it. And so what happened to the term called rehabilitation, reformation and a second chance to live in our social world? Verily, I asked, does the death penalty really help deter crimes?

As a pro-life, I am having a reservation about the passing of the death penalty bill by putting inmates to die has not really given us propitious advantages nor any gain from it, except a life is obliterated or extinguished in our society where criminals are no longer to be able to commit crimes. But then again, the world is built around us with so many imperfect self-recriminations. Generations upon generations, there will be good people and bad people commingled in our lives. We have good people who think nothing but to be successful in life while the bad people are those who are trying to survive the living condition of an impoverished state of livelihood. A desperate measure of an unemployed person will resort in committing crimes because that is the only means of survival that will push him to his daily existence. All those criminals now incarcerated will attest to my own belief that once they are given a job will not commit a crime again. I think the Philippines government will centralize and focus their strength like creating a job and provide a job to those who are jobless so that their criminal minds will reverse into something good and beneficial to others. Depriving inmates of any second chance of life renders them helpless. We are no longer being compelled as to come to terms like rehabilitating and reforming them so that inmates will return to our society learning from the chance of the gift of life that only God has all the power to take it away. We are only followers from all the edict of God’s law. To impose the death penalty, even though as it is stated in one of the Ten Commandments of God, “thou shall not kill “is nothing but cruel, barbaric and disgraceful to the point of asking ourselves, what is our purpose of living in this world, if the human lives of criminals and inmates are eradicated by way of imposing the death penalty?

I am so confident that the restoration of the death penalty will be met with opposition and purportedly thrust into the hands of conscientious legislators whose love, pity and kindness dwells in their hearts. As a proponent of pro-life, I wish nothing but to protect and preserve the life of humanity, for I strongly believed that the world we all live in is not perfect itself. Even our judicial system is flawed. To give all inmates an extension of life is in itself a moral victory for them because they have been given a chance to feel remorse and ask forgiveness from God for all the criminal sins committed on earth. Philippines is a forgivable nation showering its mercy and compassion to the criminals whose wayward lives have led them to the path of a sorry state of unlawful acts. Let the judgment of God become the executioner of a man’s fate, and say NO to the restoration of the death penalty.

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