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Cries And Screaming In The Sky

Written By: Rex Solano - Apr• 12•15

As we come to bewail with anguish and sorrow, the sad and horrible experiences of those who perished aboard the Germanwings flight 9525, we could not help but precipitously denounce with acrimonious feeling of enmity towards co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’ sinister act. While German authorities were trying to sort out and gather all evidences, a black box voice recorder heard on the video footage had given us pitiful accounts, sometimes painful and traumatic, on what transpired on that fateful day of 24 March 2015. It was very disturbing and excruciatingly painful to hear on the background the eerily sounds of passengers aboard Airbus A320 screaming and the frenetic outburst of crying as they became aware of the danger confronting their final moments as the captain of the plane Patrick Sondheimer mounted desperate efforts to break down the door, at the same time shouting “for the love of God, open up this goddamn door.” Inside the cockpit was co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, alone in the cockpit after he deliberately locked the door and now was in control of the aircraft. What was his purpose; to destroy the Germanwings plane with 150 passengers on-board including him? He intentionally flew a passenger jet into the French Alps Mountain, with one motive in mind to bring down the plane taking all passengers along with him. For me this becomes one of troublesome behaviors nowadays, a despicable premeditated act to curtail the lives of innocent victims whose dreams, hopes, and aspirations in life were still too ripe for prosperity and success. We will never get a clearer picture nor was there a belief beyond reasonable doubts that this tragic crash of Airbus A320 was an act of terrorist; terrorism at its worst moment to divest and deprive innocent people of the free will to live. For at any time a person whose dispirited and evil mind contrive to hatch a premeditated plan to deliberately annihilate human beings at his own discretionary will, would perversely infuse a spark of contagion fears among travelers in view of what happened to Germanwings flight 9525; that a person piloting a plane whom we entrusted our trust, place our faiths and lives in the pilot’s hands and supposedly is responsible to fly us home to safety so that we all can reunite with our love ones and families, is the very one who dare threaten our lives, much more sending others to their horrifying death.

Evidence from all investigative findings were pointing to co-pilot Andreas Lubitz that prior to the plane crash, he was already considered a deranged person with a suicidal tendencies; along with what his ex-girlfriend’s claim he told her that ” one day I will do something that will change the whole system and then the world would know my name and remember it.” Yet none of this alarming suspicious split personality type of behavior of which Andreas Lubitz was harboring was not taken too seriously, to warrant more stringently an investigation of Andreas Lubitz’s medical background before Lufthansa hired him. It is always after the facts when disasters or tragedy of such magnitudes would happen that we take preventable and precautionary measures. Even his medical records suggested that a physician who treated him and was under the doctor’s care knew so well that Andreas Lubitz had an episode of severe depression, yet again no one was also alerted because of hospital policy that forbade doctors to divulge patient’s mental health conditions. This doctor and patient confidentiality has to be studied more closely especially when dealing with patients who are suffering with psychological and neurological health issues. But then again, even Lufthansa, Germanwings parent company said that it knew six years ago that Andreas Lubitz was medically evaluated with psychosomatic illness revealing that he has a mental problem but allowed him to fly the plane anyway. This after the doctor who examined Andreas Lubitz stated in his medical evaluation reports suggesting to Lufthansa officials, that Andreas Lubitz is fit to fly a plane. I found this hard to believe. This is really incredible and so disturbing that a man evaluated with a suicidal tendency was still allowed to pilot the plane with hundreds of human lives under his care? I could never get a reasonable answer out of this senseless and atrocious act done by this lunatic man. I could not even imagine how and why Lufthansa wasn’t so circumspect and diligent enough to check thoroughly Lubitz’s medical background before deciding whether or not to hire Andreas Lubitz to put him in control and pilot a plane and giving him the ultimate responsibility to entrust the lives of innocent passengers.

As a frequent traveler, if some airlines are so remiss and lax in screening potential pilots to fly us to safety, I dread the time of day that would come when I take a 10 and a half hour flight to the Philippines, and all I ever think of during the duration of the flight is the fortunate chances of whether the plane will crash or land safely. I read some airlines require adhering to a two-in-a-cockpit policy. It even requires a cabin crew to sit next to the other pilot in the event one of the pilot excuses himself to use the lavatory.

So far the Transportation Security Administration ( TSA) is really doing a great job. It really has provided us the highest level of security and is watchful to detect potential terrorists and screens thoroughly all passengers who might have concealed dangerous items or even explosive devices. But then as citizens of all nations, we also have to be more transparent and vigilant to report acts of any erratic and suspicious behaviors of those whose darkest desires deviate from our own way of normal living.

The inspirational words from one of the victim’s father Philip Bramley, would tell everyone that “I want to see this cloud over this town lifted and the natural beauty be restored and not to be remembered by the action of a single person.”

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