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Love, Laugh, and Eat – John Tickell, M.D.

You Get The Idea: The author, John Tickell M.D. traveled the world with his two doctor children where they did a study regarding the traits of those that lived to 100. He found that the Okinawans had the most centurions per capita! Most of his book is written about the Okinawans’ way of life, which […]

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Fashion Finds & Good Habits

Hola Miss Economical! Since my new job, I haven’t had much time to do any of the things I am used to doing! Life has changed a little for me, as well as the way I’ve been looking at my expenses and time management, but that won WORK FROM NO HOME ‘t take the fashionista […]

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Freedom Does Not Come With Age

  As I strolled along Anania drive in Mililani during my daily morning exercise, I always made it a point to look up toward the heavenly skies and muttered in silence the words that only God can hear. In my life and my age, there are lot of blissful things that I have to be […]

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