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Are We Really Required To Leave Tips?

For years, it was always a debatable issue, as to whether we are required and obligated to leave tips to any services rendered to us. Some people are just too generous to reward people who are being polite, efficient and doing excellent services while others are not. Too often, we realized that we allow our […]

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No Excuse For Domestic Violence

I am always a proponent of anti-domestic violence in our society. I feel a lot of pain and grief whenever a domestic violence arises between wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend. I had written a blog about domestic violence emphasizing the con viagra order sequences of what it might have brought in our life. But […]

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COUPONS – Doubling Your Cash!

Doubling your cash – a fact not widely advertised in the coupon industry. Check out your store or daily newspaper. Some places publish coupons with that option every week and some allow doubling of coupons on special days. Watch out! Check your coupo Back To Life! A Personal Grief Guidebook n for the exception to […]

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Killing Softly With Kindness

One has to wonder why so many marriages fail or some at the very least do not even have the stability to last. It is hard to imagine how marriages from the very beginning looked so promising and ebullience had despairingly rested in a threshold of separation. I have had a hard time understanding this, […]

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Advice My Father Used To Tell Me

I will never forget all the words of wisdom that my father usually shared with me during my younger days. Even until the time of his death, it still marvels in my mind those beautiful and inspirational words deservedly worth remembering. It was full of wisdom, of virtues and values that sometimes I wished my […]

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Lessons We Just Cannot Learn

This is the time of the year that we always make promises and commit ourselves to changing the course of our lives for the coming year. We want to rectify all the mistakes we made in the past and atone for our unforgivable behaviors that we care not to look back. How often do we […]

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December Winds

I can feel the wheezing of the winter winds blowing against my face. I looked up at the jackfruit tree in my yard, and the brown leaves were desperately clinging from its branches as if to avoid from falling on the ground. Every so often I raked those dead leaves but not as much as […]

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Reflections Beyond Unforgettable Thoughts

Nothing in life is more satisfying and gratifying than to reminisce those nostalgic but memorable past. As we live beyond the means of degenerative ages, we are always reminded that nothing is more fruitful and meaningful than to cherish the joy that once had served as a replicate of our life. How I wish I […]

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Remembering Thanksgiving

Some of you folks who follow my blog must have read this article. And to those who have not, it is with extreme great pleasure to re-post it so that those who missed it have a chance to personally share my most unforgettable moments, the hilariousness experiences that I was able to engage and indulge […]

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When The Hands No Longer Cradle

Anytime tragedies and disastrous events strike upon us, we always chant the name of God seeking miraculous help and His Divine intervention. Sometimes we blame, doubt and even ask ourselves if there is really a God who will be able to save us from all the miseries and devastation. But yes, there is a God. […]

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