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Tacloban City Under Siege

Indeed it was a sad and mournful day for the Filipino people. On Friday, November 8th, my eyes were glued to the TV watching the news and footage of the horrific tragedy that struck the Western and Eastern Visayan Islands. It was a frightful sight to watch as the  sequence of events had temporarily paralyzes […]

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From the land of the rising sun, to the land of the free, onto the rich oil countries in Middle East, the pork barrel scandal that rocks and shocked the Philippine nation have been the talked and cries of the Filipino people heard around the world. The Filipino people as always have been the victims […]

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” Lucky You Live Hawaii”

 During the year 1967 when we first arrived in Hawaii, our father drove us around the island and we stopped at the Makaha Resort for lunch. As we wandered around the vicinity of the place, we happened to meet a couple walking to their car. There was some precipitation of rains and both of them […]

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Hiking on Oahu – Pu’u O Kapolei

Pu’u O Kapolei – June 1, 2013 During ancient times when demi-god Kamapua’a controlled Oahu, Pu’u O Kapolei was considered the most sacred pu’u on Oahu, but not today. Why? The mythological story not only fascinates, but also draws sadness. Sadness in the fact that today’s Pu’u O Kapolei is not like yesterday’s Pu’u O […]

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The Advantages Of Having Political Names

Too many words spreading around of incriminating remarks, conceivably saying that the poll surveys were made to condition the minds of the people, while others have ponderously put it in a remonstrating way that it had been commissioned by the candidates who wanted nothing, but to have their names be included in the so called […]

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COUPON tips for the holidays

The holidays are upon us…so fast! And our budget is climbing up and up. Spending on extra food, gifts, and outings with friends and family. If you need tips on savings here they are! -Make a schedule: Believe it or not this saves $$$. Written viagra online canada dow buy cialis without prescription uk n […]

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In one of the most intriguing aspects in life, rumor is notably the word that I must perniciously avoid. If anyone asks me if ever I believe in a rumor I will tell them flatly that I do not. Nor will I ever entertain it as part of my “over a cup of coffee” news […]

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Avoid Making Mistakes by Learning from Real Life Lessons

The world is filled with various universities and education systems that help educate people to prepare them for the real world. I, however, find that a majority of these institutions are obsolete when compared to learning from experiences in real l viagra uk ife. This astonishment comes from the fact that no matter how many […]

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Unfaithful,The Movie

The movie entitled “Unfaithful” as portrayed brilliantly by Diane Lane, Richard Gere and Olivier Martinez had given me many reasons to believe that there are moral lesson and family value to learn from it. It is a story about husband and wife  whose marriage from the very beginning looks promising and almost had everything in […]

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Denial Of The Truth

I think it is just a normal behavioral pattern to do illegal things secretly and quickly denies it once such illicit acts are disclosed and reported in social media. Our wrong doings and reputations are always personifies and reflected with bad images that we are so scared and worried that our scandalous behaviors will be […]

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