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The Impatient man

Throughout my whole life, the one thing that I hated the most is to wait. I do admit and I believe I have a short fuse and it builds up to the point that I relinquish my self-preserving sanity and question the integrity of my character. For me, I still believe that I am a […]

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Will The Death Penalty Help Deter Crimes?

Anytime a heinous crime is committed, immediately we surmised the thoughts of imposing a stiffer penalty to put a stop to all these rampaging criminal activities happening in our country. Advocate supporters will openly voice their opinions that it is time to bring back the death penalty in order to instill and spread fears to […]

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Beliefs Beyond Reasons

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US Marine PFC Pemberton Once Was One Of A Few Good Men

There is something amiss about the murder case of transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer “Laude. The culprit in the murder case was pointing to the alleged suspect US Marine PFC Pemberton as the killer based on the testimony of the witnesses. However, I am not as comfortable as anyone who would suggest that PFC Pemberton is the […]

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Note: This blog is written by Hyla Solano It is a hard thing to do, keep in touch and genuinely keep the closeness with siblings; with our busy lives of priorities, appointments, friends, and basically all else. We take it for granted this family we grew up with; that they will be there forever and […]

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When The Sun No Longer Rises

How fitting to see the flow of my life so encouraging and inspiring giving me a chance to be thankful about a gift of life I received from God. To live to this day is but a blessing and a gift itself. And as I continue to appreciate and marvel the natural beauty surrounding thy […]

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A Modern-Day Guide to Living with Substance and Style: What Would Michelle Do? – Allison Samuels

I am obsessed with strong independent women! I truly believe there needs to be more of us out there! Allison Samuels touches on every facet of the 21rst Century woman by using Michelle Obama as a role model. This is the “How-To” book to juggling life as a FLOTUS (I am always highly amused by […]

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Love, Laugh, and Eat – John Tickell, M.D.

You Get The Idea: The author, John Tickell M.D. traveled the world with his two doctor children where they did a study regarding the traits of those that lived to 100. He found that the Okinawans had the most centurions per capita! Most of his book is written about the Okinawans’ way of life, which […]

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Manny Pacquiao’s Victory-Symbol Of Filipino’s Comeback From Adversity

With the WBO International Welterweight crown on the line, Manny Pacquiao did not waste any time disposing Brandon Rios, making a punching bag out of him and total annihilation for the boxing world to see. I saw a different Manny Pacquiao this time. He was so aggressive but careful in trying to outbox the bigger […]

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