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Pokeman Go – Elementary Moves

Note: This blog is written by Hyla Solano This article is to mention some of the beginning moves I’ve discovered since playing P.go. It assumes the player is familiar with the basic elements of the game; however, if needed I can write a prequel to discuss those oddities, far-out, cool, elements of Pokeman Go. Collect […]

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” I Do Believe “

I do believe that with the upcoming ever so important general election on November 8, I am presumptuously confident that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will emerge victorious and lead the American people to the path of righteousness and good governance. I also do believe that she will enlighten us with her fortitude, strong […]

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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Of A Man’s Death

While we deplored and mourned the death of Philando Castile as maliciously senseless, I do not see any reason to believe that the killing was racially motivated. This fatal incident was tempered with a gravitational misinterpretation of one’s action toward another. When Police Officer Geronimo Yanez, who is Latino, stopped the car of Philando Castile […]

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Your Philippines Presidential Choice, My Choice.

On Monday, May 9, 2016, millions of Filipino register voters will go to the poll and cast their votes to choose the president who will lead them out from the asperity of poverty and away from the venal of living a miserable life. It’s not an easy task to make a personal choice of a […]

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What I Learned by Running a 5K every month: Becoming a ‘blue shirt’, Being my own BAE, & Loving on Japan

The long awaited post. This is probably the one I have been trying to get to since Dec. 2015. I apologize, I was having trouble with “the cloud” eating my photos before I could snatch them back! Now that it’s fixed, back to blogging! I am a visual person and for that reason, I couldn’t […]

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For Denver Broncos’ Von Miller, It’s Miller Time

One week to this day, football fans are still talking about the recent concluded Super Bowl 50 won by the Denver Broncos. My bowling buddy who just came back from Las Vegas was raving and ranting that it was one of the boring Super Bowl game he ever watched in so far as he can […]

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The Cacophonous In Our Troubled World

What will become of our world? Our lives are driven into a lunacy of a deranged inharmonious dissonance of world leaders who are no longer acting normal as we read and heard of other nations with unquestionable beliefs and convictions by fomenting vicious and random killing of innocent kids and civilians. The world we live […]

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Vacation in Carribean

This blog is written by Jessica Solano. I Swear this Life is like the Sweetest thing I’ve ever known: Vacation in the Caribbean *** Note: This one is a long one… As always, I preface this story with how it all came about! The first girl I ever met in North Carolina was Tiffany. After […]

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A Bullet With No Gun

Aside from fear of flying, wary about potential terrorist hijacking the plane, now comes the most egregious threat that will obviate and alter the traveling plans of passengers going to the Philippines coming from other countries. If the so called ” laglag-bala” scams that went viral on social media about the planting of bullets on […]

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Super Foods, Health, Dr. Axe And The Morning Mindset

I have a fond admiration for Dr.Axe. Not only does he recommend incredible health tips, but he also is a tremendous marketer who knows how to keep you on the hook! If you’ve watched one of his videos, he has the innate ability to help you become completely empowered with your food choices and equips […]

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