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Love, Laugh, and Eat – John Tickell, M.D.

You Get The Idea: The author, John Tickell M.D. traveled the world with his two doctor children where they did a study regarding the traits of those that lived to 100. He found that the Okinawans had the most centurions per capita! Most of his book is written about the Okinawans’ way of life, which […]

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The Day After Thanksgiving

  It was the year 1967 when we arrived in Hawaii. It was such a memorable year for us as we were ushered to appreciate the beauty of the island and got accustomed to the diverse cultures or even the ethnicity of its various races. I always felt so blessed and loved Hawaii because it […]

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A Weekend Of Laughter

Whenever I have a chance, I always look forward to a pleasant visit going to my brother’s house. Over a bottle of wine and a case of Bud, we always talked about anything and everything. We talked about how the global economy is shaping up the live viagra 50mg s of the people in the […]

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