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Beliefs Beyond Reasons

Written By: Rex Solano - Dec• 16•14

Sometimes in life, we made our choices and decisions based solely on our personal beliefs and knowledge that it will give us a better understanding of our own rational minds. It is that judgment of unproven wisdom where a person meets his/her ultimate fate resulting to the degenerative case of either success or failure. We have come across so many people of different personalities with different views and opinions challenging the encumbrances of their own problems by solving it themselves. Obviously when a person made his/her own choices or decisions in life, we probingly seek the right words and well-meaning of such purpose and the reasons why they arrived at that conclusions. Too often we heard of such tragic news, of a person who has chosen death over life, the gift of God. A husband and wife engaged in a verbal argument, leading to the killing of his wife, then turned the gun on to himself, thus committing a murder-suicide which leaves us in a mysterious and quandary state of alienation trying to find definitive answers for such actions. Also a comedian actor who recently committed suicide because he was overwhelmed with drug dependency and the doldrums of battling the suffering of depression which had given us false hopes of what our intents of living in this world; does death become a detrimental factor to our own beliefs? Sure I respect their ever longing choices of having a rendezvous with death but what messages were they trying to inseminate and tell others that to end one’s own life is as sublime and submissive for us to arrive at the crossroads of determining whether it is right or wrong? It is the beliefs in itself leading us to an incomprehensible thinking and the false sense of unverified knowledge that to choose to die by way of committing suicide is as noble and dignified as they so claimed. As always I never entertained nor believe so, that to commit suicides or kill innocent victims will guarantee anyone to be living in God’s Paradise. This always becomes a debatable issue and unproven truth as when the Islamic faith believes that to harness an explosive device in his body and thus plan his evil mind to mingle among crowds to kill himself and involves others that through way of Jihad, a religious duty of Muslim, they will enter as they do believe to a wonderful heaven full of virgin wives. For me this is preposterous and such Jihad beliefs are only trying to poison the minds of those who have little knowledge of their own. I would rather believe that “no murderers have eternal life.”(John 3:15)”. And so like Brittany Maynard who had terminal brain cancer deceptively took us to our own discomfort thoughts and influencing our belief that to choose to commit suicide by taking medications to end her life under “Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act,” is dignified and a passage of a right to die. it is her firm belief beyond any reasonable explanations that to stop an end to the unbearable pain she had endured to suffer that long, she chose to die with ultimate courage but with a very questionable motivational causal effects, the irreverent and ungodly gesture, the realistic burden of the truth, unbeknownst to her if only she ever knew that her decision to die would have given any adverse thought to others, to ask in jest, if her soul has a place in heaven? This is the case of having a false sense of faith, of questionable belief and the choices we made; that our learning knowledge and the laws we follow are without flaws and impeccable, leaving us with unreasonable doubts whether what we do here on earth are basically rights or questionably wrong? God has laid out upon us His laws and Ten Commandments. One of them is “Thou shall not kill.” Never take the law into your own hands. However, as we read and hear every day, criminals and the killings are so widespread that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel to combat and curb the self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Committing suicides and killing one’s self, seems to me are the easy solutions to escape from pain, suffering and problems that seeking for help becomes so insignificant and no longer needed. Why we live here on earth is but to foster and nurture our lives. When we no longer live here on earth, we also have to foster and nurture our souls as we embark to another journey, the chance to meet face to face with God in His kingdom called Heaven.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all readers of the Solano stories
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