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A Tribute To The Wonder Woman Of Ondoy

Written By: Rex Solano - Oct• 08•17

On September 23, 2017, the final chapter of my mom’s life was laid to rest. All that remains now are her glorious and splendorous heritages that anyone who remembers her would saddle to the memories of her accomplishment in life. Even to the time of her death, I still envisioned in her a truly remarkable woman as I tried to picture the spectacle and the aura of how satisfied she was, a beautiful face so full of life, gratified, and so accomplished in her own way of performing her duty while living on earth. Admirably, she did it so well and I regret the passing of days that she is no longer with us. Time and time again, families, relatives and friends will speak and mention her name and for all the marbles of words one has to say, nothing will there be for us to hear and listen but the goodness and how generous she was as a human being. We cannot measure how deep and long her heart to those whose lives she touched, but I can assure you that her kindness will run to the fecundity of immortality; her deeds of helping others will neither be stricken from the memories of yore nor to be forsaken by the ungrateful ones, for she was born to life with unselfish heart and always as there would be to mention, her willingness to help.

And so as my mom Florencia Silva Solano also known as “ Nay Dading “ embarks on this last journey, let us not deny ourselves the legacies that she brought into this world. As we are about to seal a closure of her last chapter of life on earth, I remember my mom as a courageous woman with a strong personality, and resilient in confronting the ups and downs of her life.

My mom Nay Dading epitomizes the spirit and soul of a kind and highly respected woman. Her sisters, brothers, and even us her children can attest to this. My mom as I remember could be so generous to those needing her help showing her love, devotion and compassion to those whose lives she cleaved to embrace. If we were to make a movie about her life, I would title it as “the wonder woman of Ondoy.” My mom Nay Dading possessed all the qualities that every woman should have.

Now more than ever, as we entombed her spirit and soul in the hands of God, I shall neither disavow nor forget to honor her contributions to those her help was humbly sought. I will continue to speak highly and kindly of her because that is what I remember about my mom.

One time, when I was taking my vacation in Ondoy along with my family, in one of our conversation, she told me “Rex, as I look at your personal career, you’re close to being a perfect son. Then I answered her jokingly, “really mom, is it because I always sent you money whenever you needed it, and we both started to laugh. That is one of the remembrance I could share about her, as she can also be as humorous and as versatile as anyone can imagine about her.

There are a lot of good things I can define and enumerate her life, but one of the best descriptions of her is that she was always very supportive and generous to family member which made a very positive impact on their lives

She will be sorely missed. Memories are not enough to dwell on her past accomplishments. At the age of 94, she had built a strong foundation and generate a lasting legacy that anyone who was once a part of her life will come to value and appreciate the things she did for others. While we lamented her loss with grieves and sorrows, her memories will forever live on. To this day we all say farewell and May she rest in peace and eternalize her soul to be with God in His Kingdom called Heaven.

Acknowledgement and credits are given to the followings;
Ibajay District Hospital and St Gabriel Hospital for providing good services and devotion to duties while my mom Florencia Silva Solano were under their professional care.

Also wish to express my thanks and gratitude to the Dalisay Family, Salazar Family, Silva Family,the Cortes and Mangundayao Family, also to the Constantinopla Family for their love, support and dedication. Also by providing foods, drinks, fruits and catering services among others during the wakes, the Solano family expresses our sincerest thanks and valued all the help given.

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